[VIDEO] Kevin Hart holding Oscars? – Look at Ellen DeGeneres Interview


Ellen DeGeneres is going out of her way to make sure Kevin Hart is in a position; the 2019 Academy Awards. As promised online, Hart gives an amazing insight into the Friday program of DeGeneres, and wants to re-consider its decision to go down.

In a series of fragments that were distributed through EllenTube, the host tells Hart that she has been talking to the Academy, and members still want to go up at that stage . "We want to be hosted," she says on behalf of the Academy. "We feel it's unlikely to be understood, or if it's wrongly treated, or maybe we're saying something wrong … The Academy says , "What can we do to do this?" "(The Oscars, presently hosted, will be submitted to Sunday, February 24 on ABC.)

To be fair, DeGeneres do not completely Overlooking Hart's situation in the first place. The interview complies with the homophobic tweets from 2008 that have challenged people if he should be hosted. However, she has been discharged from those people to the "prosecution" section, saying to Hart, "It is a small group of people who are very tall. It is a large group of people, 39; who loves you and we want to see you hosting the Oscars. "

When asked the people to ask for a step down, Hart is getting protected, and & # 39; Explain "trolls" to simply attack it by clicking on it. revitalizing the ten year old tweets. "Without attacking my character," he says. "It's an attack to finish me. It's bigger than just the Oscars. … It was not a decision that the day was After I got the job, published since 2008. "

"I do not have a homophobic bone in my body," said Hart, a & # 39; explains that he has repeatedly complained about his anti-LGBT material several times, specifically announcing uncomfortable interviews at his & her; blackberry for Will Ferrell's comedy 2015 Get hard"I'm still going back to a strange turnover that I've ever been. … A person who just looked for smile, and that was wrong. "

He says, "Again, I'm sorry if these words are available. I'm sorry. I either accept my excuse, or not. You can not grow as a person if you do not get you mistake. "

DeGeneres terminates the hourly position by replacing her wish for Hart to go to her. Keeping the Oscars, and he says, "I promise you, I'm discussing your conversation. Let me evaluate it. Discuss yourself and me about anything else. Without my promise. "

Hit CLAY on three clips from the DeGeneres interview below, then pressure through our vote: Should Hart na Oscars entertain?

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