VIDEO: Košice, after hitting, put an impact on Detve


today 20:25

Hocaidh Detva players failed in the 24th visit of the Tipsport campaign to take on the home side and its # hit Košíc after product 2: 5.

Duel HC 07 Detva – HC Košice You can see SURVIVAL on Š >>

Stelii "was much better in the meeting and in the 9th minute they won 2: 0 after two goals of Ladislav Nagya. Even before the word came home, Košíc led him David Šoltés.

As a result, Detve stopped rapidly. Martin Daloga and Jakub Žilka were responsible for this. The Koscians did not hit, and by the end of the third they went back to the Gabriel Spilar two-way direction.

In the last day the observers saw only one goal with Marcel Haščák. He did not succeed but had a positive impact on guests. Detve on the 9th place on the table in the table, length & # 39; is Košice continuing.

HC 07 Detva – HC Košice 2: 5 (0: 2, 2: 2, 0: 1)

aims: 27. Nagy (Haščák, Brophey), 9. Nagy (Haščák), 24. Šoltés (Netík), 32. Spilar (Pretnar), 27. Daloga (Fekiač, Sládok) 46. Haščák (Koch, Petráš).

They decided: Baluška, Müllner – M. Orolin, Rojík, exclusion: 5: 9, plus: Feice for 10 minutes for an accident, Gachulinec 2 + 2 for an illegal game with a stick built – Pulli for 10 mins. : 2, weakness: 0: 0, 372 spectators.


detva: Zalivin – Mar. Chovan, Kuklev, Sládok, Hraško, F. Fekiač, Gachulinec, Šimon, Král – Puliš, Murček, Ščurko – Giľák, Gašpar, Ďaloga – Žilka, Valent, Tibenský – Surový, V. Fekiač, Mat. Chovan

Košice: Habal – Pretnar, Koch, McDowell, Dudas, Cizek, Pulli, Krajnak, Gray – Nagy, Brophey, Haščák – Suja, Ignatuskin, Spilar – Soltas, Galambos, Netik – Petras, Klima, Zitny

The Koscians were mostly in the first quarter of ice, and the home was just going on the Habal Gateway. The guests had the first chance in the second minute after losing their home defense, but Zalivin kept his team. In the third minute, the Koscians played Brophey bitterly. In his decision, Habalom got himself in Žilka but he did not; He can push the gates up. The guests came ahead of 6 minutes when Captain Nagy moved forward, which grew 3 minutes later in the steering game to 2: 0 from the perspective of steel builders. It was a great opportunity. In order to reduce the unhealthy situation inside within 13 minutes, when Ruro was lost after losing two of them and Ščurko did not affect protection advice Košice. The guests continued to impact on the Zalivin gate, but he kept his good actions. At the end of the third place, he did not change the Fogia pass and Martin Chovan Habal's picture was hiding effectively as possible. 74 seconds before completing his Klima team, but the last home's home failed.

At the beginning of the second, the home team played a play game but without a visitor impact. Šoltés behaviors did not move home people after 24 minutes. He turned a pass from the left to visit, which meant that the visitors did; Many people did not move from Dudáš and Koch after 25 minutes. The first time the domestic tribal went to Yaloga and one minute later Žilka, which reduced the home to 2: 3 and the drama course took place dramatically. But the situation was restored in the 29 minute minute on the other, when Detva weakened everybody at Allulinec and Ščurko. The guests got the chance to pull the game after 32 minutes. Lying Zalivin Spilar shone to finish the last third score to 4: 2 and leave Kosice.

Introducing the third one began to play a game of gameplayers who tried to shoot, but the Koscians did not allow them to create a better hits. After a minute later, Pulli was eliminated, but the home or visit was not assigned. What Detve did not do the other Košice. 46 minutes came into the game Haščák by 2: 5. After 58 minutes, Detva took his lead after Dudas and Koch were killed. The defenders closed themselves, but Habala escaped from the goal. On the back of the back did not complete both Slumaoka and Detva, and they did not succeed in visiting this game. The third visit to its game is now under the control of the visitors and with its host; A delightful game in the defense, they reached the end of their game.

Voting after game:

Josef Turek, Detva coach: "It concluded that Laco Nagy and Košice had two goals when playing two goals, so it's very difficult to return to their game. We then got to the second-place visit, but then we did a bad ghost in the middle zone, we went for four minutes out, then another one and we got 4: 2. Then I think it's a bad In the third part, we still wanted to do something with the result, but Košice did not give us a good game in the media. We had a power of 5 on 3, but unfortunately we did not. It was not a bad game but I think we can play a lot better than today, so I'm not happy. "

Marcel Šimurda, Coach Supporter: "We've done a lot better in the game today than in the previous game. Captain Nagy gave us two goals in the two-way guide. We are pleased that we have done Today's game for three points. "



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