Video: Lanús was arrested in the New Year's street


During the early hours of the morning, and as long as the signs of the Year were; New in some places, watching neighbors from Lanús Este armed man to burn in the corner of Tucumán and Oncativo. He carried a gun in each hand and saw a funny walk from one side to the island with a woman.

The event happened at 3m and a 911 statement was cited. The City Center Survey Center showed the events in the security cameras and ordered the arrest.

As you can see in the video, the person is Try to stop but finally surrender when it is surrounded by defenders. As they explained to him Group: At the police, "Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm was No. H62068 and had seven armies in his charger and how Taurus 357 No. CX933944 was on his Four-weapon-hitting a truck and two pipes.

The theme was marked as José Víctor Lorizzo, 60, who lives a few blocks where the program took place. As for his wife, María Rosa Spina, was 61 years old.

Dr. Greek, from the Performance and Management Unit of Performance. 2, Judicial de Lomas de Zamora, Lanús's unified headquarters, are involved.

Last week, during Christmas events, there were two similar events, with a sad head: Two people of his age were severely injured with lost bullets in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

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