VIDEO Life performance, right fantasies on wet asphalt: age history of 15 years!


Life achievement at 15!
Life achievement at 15!

VALENCIA – Turkish motorcycle racing Can Öncü at KTM has introduced history as the youngest winner of the Moto3 race. At the age of 15 and 115, he won the Grand Prix of Valencia Sunday, the last event of this year's World Series.

The Red Bull Rookies Cup winner was received free of charge by the organizers and completed his / her; first race in the series. He started himself as the youngest rider in history. The platform team had the opportunity to have a huge impact on the wet, and finally, gets four seconds ahead of the Spanish home and the best player Jorge Martin in Honda.

Historically Öncü has been the first winner of Moto3. Due to his age, he did not allow him to mark him on a champagne podium. However, Martin and the third Brit John MacPhee got a lot of flu pants. "Something is incredible, I do not know what's going on, I hope that I will take away my vacation in the next season. Reporting AFP Turkish teenager.

VC Valencia
Moto3: 1. Can Öncü (Tur./KTM) 43: 06,370 min., 2. Jorge Martin (Spaniard / Honda) +4.071 s, 3. John MacPhee (V.Brit./KTM) +6,130

Final position of MS (after 18 races): 1. Martin 260 points, 2. Fabio Di Giannantonio (Tal./Honda) 218, 3. Marco Bezzecchi (Tal./KTM) 214

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SITA / AP / Alberto Saiz; Video: Twitter / Socrates

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