The November 26 was the final time the purpose was NASA's InSight milestone marked after performing a landing on Mars, in the most spectacular seven minutes for the experts and the crew who is sending us a " the project forward.

But after receiving a positive result, Now the first searches started of new & # 39; red planet, which is the main objective of the device installed by an American Spartan Group on Mars.

In the middle of its first progress, InSight received a beautiful gift for those who want to know the global.

YOU ARE HERE: [FOTOS] InSight's probes send new pictures from Mars's surface

Insight relieved sensors have been able to capture wind between 26 and 24 kilometers per hour, registration how to scan a sound on Mars and record "sound" for a & # 39; first time from another planet.

According to the InSight project researcher, Bruce Banerdt, complete this record "He's been a giftless gift, but one of the things that are our intention to measure the Mars and naturally moving momentum; Include the movement that contains the sound waves ".

Although the sound is prepared to be more familiar with the human ear They are records of wave animations in the air, so they are at the end sounding in the same way. It is expected that the next missions will have microphone to capture this sound type more precisely.

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