VIDEO: NASA shows the indirect movement from the Moon and explains this “extraordinary” behavior.


The Solar Dynamic (SDO) Observatory, which is NASA's space test, has captured flexible attraction, carried out by the Moon's migration over a number of hours.

In the recording, on 6 March, you'll see how the satellite crosses the Sun, stops and then "returns".

NASA have explained the phenomenon that the transitions are similar backward movement when it appears that a body is moving back. This "extraordinary" behavior is recorded because of the way various space movements move at different speeds at different times of the journey, he said.

In the first seconds of the video, a recording of the speed of the SDO and the Moon represents around 11,007 kilometers and 3,476 kilometers per hour, see how the Moon moves from left to right . The experts show that the process of crossing the Moon during this journey indicates that the "outside" movement moves the satellite and from the t Land would be seen on the other side.

At the same time, the second part was filmed and NASA's device entered into the dark part of its orbit and it began to move away from the Moon, almost parallel to the mirror he is making projects ". When the Moon began to move at a faster speed than SDO, it managed to escape. So the examiner sees the Moon moving to the other side, but it represents the same direction we may look from from Earth.

According to NASA, the movement lasted a little longer than three hours and at this time the Moon took over 92% of the Sun..

The SDO launched 2010 as part of a Living with a Star & # 39 program; at the NASA mission for a five-year mission, and so far it works by monitoring the surface of the sun.

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