VIDEO: Nitra has not played with HK Orange 20 youngsters and has set out eight goals


today 20:25

Hocaidh Nitra 8: 0 players won the 24th round of the highest slobhaka competition over the HK Orange 20 team.

The "Corgoni" won a fourth game and with the best score they jumped six new New Castle in the board. One of the stars has even one star star.

HK Nitra – HK Orange 20 8: 0 (0: 0, 5: 0, 3: 0)

aims: 21. Slovák (Lantoši, MacCormack), 25. Hvizdoš (Morrison, Hrušík), 30. Rais (Scheidl, Kerbashian), 32. Slovák (Blackwater, Lantoši) (Morrison), 53. Scheidl (Kerbashian), 57. Bucek ( Korim, B. Rapac)

D. Konc, Novo – D. Konc, Valley, exclusion: 3: 4, plus: Fifth (Nitra) 10 minutes behind the mantinel, 2: 0, 0-0. spectators


Nitra: Lawson – Mezei, McCormack, Koris, Morrison, Pupak, Rais, A. Sloboda – Lantoshi, Slòcacaich, Dubh Dubh – Scheidl, Kerbashian, Majdan – Bucek, Bortnak, B. Rapac – Pätoprstý, Čaládi, Hrušík – Hvizdoš

SR 20: Sklenár – Kupec, Golian, Boldijar, Nahalka, Bench, Švec, Brincko, Dlugoš – Urbánek, Kollár, Fafrák – L. Lunter, Giertl, Juščák – Havrila, Čenka, Köver – Jugan, Sojka, Minárik

The first third between Nitra and HK Orange did not give much tooth. The largest shot in the home side was in the Silent, but it did not lose an open Sklenar gate. On the side of the visitors, he could open the Kollar score, but did not do to Lawson.

Nitrania had a slower start, but in the second third they had to abolish the attack. The two game Skeckeys, Razes and Hvizdoš, first ranked the league, had one goal. A game was decided after two thirds.

In the last quarter of the home team, game. At a calm pace Nitra put three other goals. Slowly, Blackwater, Scheidl, and Bucek went on. Nitra won 8 points with three "essential" points.

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