Video player of The Simpsons sang by Rodrigo: nd & # 39; his beloved published and broke the networks – 12/10/2018


A student of audiovisual production ultimately delivered for the content of Computer II and did not have any impact. The young woman did clip clip of Eighty, beat Rodrigo Pot, with images of it The Simpsons. And he was a rage; in the creation of networks: just on Twitter, they had more than 840,000 copies.

"My lover made this video for a finish. And he can be something so simple … but I promise you that they do not comment on how happy & I want to see the slight progress", Rocio De Olivera sent a tweet, not knowing what's up to date, since, to date, there are over 13,000 retweets at the launch and about 67,000" good ".

The post was dedicated to her 18 year old lover, the creator Giuliana Di Capúa, who is taking a degree in the Representation of Audiovisual Representation at the Inter-American Open University (UAI) of Buenos Aires.

The video in question scenes Bart Simpson sings one of the fools to her; quarter, saying that the voice of the late singer Cordovan, with perfect synchronization and hearing effects, where he tells the story of his love between his mother Marge and his father Homer.

Although they pass sections of fiction into rhythm Eighty and thirty, You can see parts of some of the fragrant statements of the lively series, such as Homer's promise and Marge, where she wanted to be a princess woman; as well as his dances and his life memories.

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