VIDEO Releases and complaints in the Czech-Slovak community: Hackers players can be made for everyone!


Erik Černák
Erik Černák

PHILADELPHIA – The afternoon-of-the-art duel between Philadelphia and Tampa Bay has all been a good match between the NHL teams. Expansion of Brayden's Goal (five detailed games in the last two games), the safe leadership of Tampa 5: 1, which was against it. A striking from 1: 5 to 5: 5, a beautiful look in the expanded range by Anthony Cirelli, but also a Slovak and Czech battle.

The spectators raised a cunning time from the seats from the third time in which Slovakian Erik Černák played. A new 21-year-old man came to Tampa Bay with his hands to Oskar Lindbloma, who fell on ice. This event did not apply to the Jakub Voráčk, the Philadelphia star. The Černák Sound was not beautiful, but Voráček's influence was huge.

Slovia defended the wounded illness and wanted to fight with him. This tour has started challenging social network discussions. The Sociologists are standing behind their boys, the Czechs are falling on their side. The Vorachers published just a bit of sad and uncertain morals. However, Erik Černák was the one who started everything.

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