Video: rosary and her children were saved for a second one from 11/27/2018


On Friday afternoon, a route in the center of Rosario had been a leading road accident caused by the removal of a driver's van to disappear. Her case returned to her & # 39; a local business directory with a video broadcast; record the whole series in which it can be viewed Her mother and her children succeeded in running over in an amazing way.

The registration that corresponds to the tools of the Santa Fe Security Ministry of the Ministry of Inquiry was built when Calla Italia le Pellegrini, one of the artifacts that crosses its. village from east to west. The crash that happened on the north just as he was suffering from the man aboard Renault Kangoo and finished up a hundred centimeter traffic light from the place where their children and their mother stood.

When filming, you will see the previous route of the device on the right track until the motor is installed; loss of control. Since he came on the way to the CNG station, he climbed the route without obstacles and found his opponent when he hit the quarry that was located on his visit.

The woman and the little man who held their hands and sister did not endanger the danger until the accident crashed very close to where they stood. The girl went to her; The first one that happened and his mother followed him frightened to get rid of the converted truck that attacked in a motion that was resolved in less than the second one.

Without a time to think, Rosario family jumped into the street on the walkers' walk while the green light was over. allowing the route overseas with Pellegrini. At that time, a taxi driver was opened to run over the walkers who returned to the race to a fish platform. The same was done by a nearby man, who was burned in a proper way and not only did he save the Kangoo hit but also from the blow that could be caused with the column of the soprano that was destroyed.

After the event, the Sanitary Emergency (Sies) Complex System (Sies) doctors went to the place along with the Santa Fe police. Then they got that a driver's driver had had to suffer a health problem before losing control and was moved to get multi-grain care.

Rosario Correspondence.

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