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InSight Mission from NASA to Mars. NASA

Washington, November 25. (MAIN EUROPA) .- Complete seven weeks of poor descendants to Mars on November 26, seven months of NASA's InSight mission for Red Planet.

InSight will reach the summit of the Martian atmosphere at 19,800 kilometers per hour and will reduce the speed just 8km per hour, before connecting its three legs to the Martian ground. This bad reduction needs to happen in just over seven minutes.

Lockheed Martin, lead contractor in the construction of the InSight mission, has made a video that describes the features in detail; at the route to Mars surface, and the complexity it represents for space engineers.

As a result of the distance and restraint with the Martian atmosphere, the InSight thermal shield will stand at 1500 Celsius degrees. With only three minutes waiting to land ashore in the very good field of Elysium Planitia, the parachute will open, then the thermal shield will be split and three new cases will be used to use the new Martian surgery. Almost just before they affect the ground, the retrocockets, which will be dropped down to flat landing, will be recorded at 19.54 GMT.

NASA will count at 20.01 and signal & # 39; Beep sent from InSight directly to Earth. show that everything has gone well and that the probe works on Mars's surface. Not before 20.04, and maybe the next day, its & # 39; First InSight icon from Mars surface. At 20.35, it should be confirmed about using solar panels from the orbit of Mars Odyssey NASA.

It is not the intention of this boat to move like the Information vehicles or Opportunities that are; looking for an old perspective or biology, but to explore inside Mars, based on the ground.

"Signatures can only be created by a creative creation process by detecting and analyzing well hidden evidence under the surface. InSight's work is to analyze The deep inside of Mars, which incorporates the essential signs of its planet: strikes, temperatures and revives, "a & # 39; explained in a statement at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

These criteria will help the InSight scientific team to remember the creation of the solar systems of the Solar System.

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