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The disaster in the Basel department is the best memories: on March 14, 2018 has gone back on the A2 road at Muttenz truck. The semi-launcher started in a concrete element on the right side of the road shortly after the Schweizerhalle toll. The disaster had an adverse effect at that time: Due to the risk of the explosion of the intermediate that was completed in the # 39; garden, the work saved many hours. Heavy traffic was falling and the whole department was almost stopped.

Now there has been a video that shows the disaster. An accidentally car driver is a crime for the accident. The person disappeared quickly from the left way by car in the & # 39; internet and then changed sites in front of it.

After the road was changed, he continued not to stop just another change and looked at the toll that is next to him. The driver stopped the unlocked. This has gone away from the battle with the strength of the influence and went to the Betonbegrenzun by the road.

There is a trick driver on the movie of the accident while it's a & # 39; driving.

In an accident with the boundaries of the roadway, the throwing vehicle was not tied to the horizontal flat and the subtitles were removed. The vehicle was dragging a fire just after the crash, as the video and & # 39; shown. Fortunately, however, the tanker did not leave the fire.

The 61-year-old driver of the truck was seriously injured in the disaster and had to be moved by Rega in hospital. The cause of the accident rescues accidentally.

Methanol stimulation hazard

After the crash, there was a danger that the disaster was exploded as the tanker filled 24,000 liters of platear metals. Metallic glands make a variety of waxes with air. The products were then pumped under the guidance of specialists in the fire department in another tank.

The road road on the other side was again annexed to only 18:30 a.m. The accident was held at 12.30. On the side of Basel, the road was closed to about 11pm. By 21 clocks, the armies continued to build the trailer again. A small amount of meat had decreased in the disaster. But there was no danger to humans and the environment.

Stubborn video source

Where the video is not clear. One thing is certain: film somebody photograph cameras and then upload them to Facebook. According to Michael Lutz, Public Finance Office spokesperson in Basel, it may be a matter of official confidentiality if the video was released by a police officer.

The Basel-based police has filed a complaint at the same time as an unidentified face. According to police spokesman, Adrian Gaugler, as well as the police, others had access to his / her. search video. Due to the fact that a prosecution is awaited, the video is part of this file. This means that even judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers and those involved in the disaster had access to it; video.

According to the office of the public prosecutor, the case against the person causing the accident is closed by a penalty order. The person was at risk as a result of highly capable traffic distress as well as unprofitable physical harm, so imprisoned 180 days at a maximum or a fine of up to 180 daily rates. No further information made by the procurator.

Great traffic war in the area

Due to the crash on the main road, traffic was entered into the city of Basel. BVB trucks and buses were also affected: There were delays and settings on the entire network.

On the road, the traffic came from Pratteln and Hagnau. The vehicles in the block were converted. The heavy traffic was stopped to suspend Finland at the end. Backwater was also created on the A22 on the side of a Field Exit and on the A18 on the Hagnau side. Even the Arisdorftunnel had to be closed for security reasons. In addition, the important road from Dornach over the Gempen to Liestal was closed due to traffic congestion.

A bus 83 line between Kaiseraugst and Pratteln and the 80 and 81 lines between Pratteln and Basel were closed for a short time due to traffic density. (Tamedia Editor)

Created: 26.11.2018, 13:03 clock

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