Video Sophia Floersch Video Formula 3: The driver says that she is well &


Sophia Floersch was built to the air before he hit the fence at a race in China.

It was a frightening sight; at the Formula 3 race in Macau, China after a 17-year drive driver Sophia Floersch dropped off the ground and dropped into her outside outside; racing course.

When she was getting pretty slow, she lost a Floersch control car. It was close to the railway side as she was going to the song; going much faster than any of the other people running. There was another car outside the upcoming converter that Floersch sent us to know before he was away and left; damaged.

In the event of the accident, he suffered a spinal fracture and three others were injured in the event.

Floersch, who moved up to Formula 3 from Formula 4 in 2018, finds it "right" and it's on Monday's presence.

Floersch 22 in Formula 3 room came into the race.

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