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FC Sevilla football players draw on the 23rd tour of the highest Spanish football game in La Liga with Eibar 2: 2. The guests had a very good game.

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Duel Bilbao – Barcelona, ​​you can also look at ONLINE at Š >>

In the 63th minute they had already split the difference when they put out Fabian Orellana and Charles. Ever Banegu cards, which had been walking before the breaks in the minute 84, playing the cards too. Despite this, the home team got away from the game. In the 88th minute, Frenchman Wissam Ben Yedder turned off and Pablo Sarabia went on in a good time. Eibar is waiting for an outdoor league competition on October 6, when he won 3-2 in Girone.

In the evening, Valencia Realom joined 0-0 Sociedad. The game of Mestalla spectators was not good, as they only saw five goals. The home team set up a "drawing king" status for this season and has already made three incorrect results of its integrity. There are 31 points in the album and are in the eighth or ninth place. Players from San Sebastian can be very happy because they are still unsuccessful in 2019.

Similar Leganés.

Similar Leganés.


In the opening game on Sunday, Betis Sevilla lost 0-0 to Leganés. The last score did not prove but how good the weeks are; disappeared and has lost other important points in the fight for the cups. The duel's hero was home to Youssef En Nesyri, a Muslim striker, made by the Hetrik. In total, there have been eight visits for the season.

Championship of Barcelona FC Barcelona failed to win at Athletic Club Bilbao, where they pulled off to visit only. Compared to the couples, the star star star Lionel Messi played a full while, but the Catalanans did only two goals at the gate.

After all, they could be happy with their & # 39; point given by Mark-André ter Stegen to the guests with opportunities Markel Susaet or Iñaki Williams. For the second time, Barcelona is just linked, and its control on Real Madrid has gone down to six points.

Sessions of Sunday Session 23th highest Spanish Football Championship – La Liga 2018/2019:

Leganés – Betis 3-0 (2: 0)

aims: 22., 36. and 66. In Nesyri, ČK: 81. Javi García (Betis)

CF Valencia – Real Sociedad 0: 0

Sevilla FC – SD Eibar 2: 2 (0: 1)

Objectives: 88. Ben Yedder, 90. + 2 Sarabia – 22. Orellana, 63. Charles, CH: 84. Banega (Sevilla)

Club of Athletics Bilbao – FC Barcelona 0-0

CK: 91. De Marcos (Bilbao)



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