VIDEO The English awakening has embarked on national pride: I have not done this in Wembley for years!


Nine times in the sad war - Kramarič vs Kane
Nine times in the sad war – Kramarič vs Kane

LONDON – England's football protesters were successful in the 4th Division Divisional Division and in Spain and in Croatia were a competitive for the UEFA Tournament League 2018/2019. Winners won a 2-1 prize on Sunday's victory over the Croats in Wembley in London when they turned the score in the final. Alright Gareth Southgate, Albion coach, has the chance of success at the LN final competition and even more for the games.

The two teams needed to win, the Spaniards will be attracted to their final competition. After the first half of the first half of the game, they opened the score for the guests, 57 minutes after they had a lot of room for England in their sixth, Andrej Kramarič , a member to "affect the defenders", and by " streaming Eric Dier's good stream. The home team did only a minute to finish them and threw the whole force into the attack. In 78 minutes, Harry Kane put the ball behind the visitor to drop for Jessa Lingard, and reached the net.

Five minutes before, finally, Kane of England put the ball to the left, the ball on the left. So Albion won a point ahead of Spain, the Croats came to section B."I'm proud of our team, we are developing every game, we were under pressure, but we have to deal with it, this is a very important step for me, the biggest support for me the fans, I have not seen this in Wembley for years, " Southgate said.

The fourth World Championships in Russia were another important achievement. Cadets were compensated for a 1: 2 pp loss in World Cup semi-conclusions. "We did not hit the base at the world tournament, although we were close, we wanted to settle and we got to do that," he said. mid-player Fabian Delph, one of the best players on his park. "The moving room was in the interim room. We are very keen to have our courage and join the country together." Delpha DPA spoke.

In each home he had Kane's fingers, who finally broke the shotgun. He resigned in the national team for 747 minutes, the first time in the World Cup in Russia. "After the competitions, we have indicated that we want to move and improve, and the best way to do so to break down the strong teams, and we have Complete the year in a good way, said the Tottenham canon.

"We have embarked on a fascinating group that makes use, according to the shape and position of the teams in world arrangements. Indeed, the group with France, which & # 39 , Germany and the Netherlands are strong, but I think we were even more difficult to achieve results and not sleep on laurels, but when we moved forward, we made progress forward, Southgate put pressure on him.

Although the English are able to identify their process, the Crofts do not; Waiting for Section B in the next issue of the LN. "The lack of power and persecution is the main causes of our loss, as well as the loss of stress." It was difficult to re-establish the strength after Spain, we were not enough to do, "he said. Zlatko Dalic coach said "board chess". However, he failed soon. "We are struggling to be suitable for EURO, this is our main goal, we have used the League of Nations to try new players, of course, we prefer the world competitions do it again and build the basics to make it happen. "

The English people believe they can succeed in the final LN competition. In addition, there are also the same residence of Portuguese and Swiss residents. "The World Cup Championship was a much more important event, but it was a challenge to focus on the next challenge, and the League of Nations had an opportunity to verify our potential, and We have other opportunities to be enthusiastic for our fans, and the next year looks very exciting, Soutghate said.

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