VIDEO: The little trip when Tom Cruise died almost when he fell from a helicopter when the film "Mission Impossible 6" was recorded.


Famous to film your own scenes of serious and dangerous actions, the actor is disturbance to members through one of the main scenes of the film

It is the action scenes that you enjoy, and it always wants to burn without going to it; use double, so that the product is as reasonable as possible. However, in his most recent film, American comedian Tom Cruise dropped dead.

During filming "Mission Impossible 6" the actor dropped from a helicopter a few minutes in which delegation members believed that the actor had died.

The cool look when Cruise runs on a helicopter is piloted by Henry Cavill, jump and hold a rope while & # 39; The plane is going to go. But long as the helicopter has a & # 39; In the air, Ethan Hunt, who plays the actor in this movie, collapse and crash on a device that is carrying the chapel.

In the last cut of the movie, you will see the moment; fallen. The directors and actors who saw him believed that the actor had died.

This is the exact moment of the fall

According to Esquire, Rebecca Ferguson and Henry Cavill (co-star of the movie), their hearts were hands in the scenes.

"I heard myself screaming. I thought he had fallen," said Ferguson. "There were hot cattle from everyone present," Cavill reinforced.

But the only movie the actor did not last was & # 39; he was filming his & her; Last installment of the action saga, Cruise broke its ankle by jumping from the top of one building to another.

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