Video … There are 3 reasons to show the poor Egyptian survey to Kasongo "Zamalek"


Zamalek fans have routinely criticized Kasongo nan Congoleach for the frequent number of easy opportunities for this season, even though Switzerland's Christian Criminal coach is going to & # 39; going on.

Despite being & # 39; Kidongo's curious criticism, but there are some signs that welcome Congolese's opposition and his / her; affirms that the Egyptians will be badly evaluated, which is examined by the "seventh day" in the following report:

The call to the Congo team

Kasongo has received an official announcement from his country for the 2018 African Cup prize of the country, and this is not the first time he went to the Chongolese team since he went to Zamalek, confirms that the playgroup has given the national team the confidence and the level it deserves. In the 1-1 picture.

3 visitors received this season

Although Kasongo lost many goals of this season, he got three tickets to the game against Alexandria and Egypt, while the other players were not good or bad at the same time.

Subject Kasongo in the Union

Kasongo theme in cleaning

Subject Kasongo in Enppi

Confirming all training on & # 39; take part

Since Zamongo went to Zamalek, he has been actively involved in Zamalek, whatever his name is. manager. The final season took part in 33 games, and there is not enough and he has received 14 visits, and has taken part in the season so far in 11 meetings and put three heads past.

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