[Video] They offer bumblebees with electronic circuits and connect them to the internet


Internet of Things has very good differences and requests for Internet or Things. However, a group of scientists who expose it with the abilities of insects: the bumblebees.

Although a field with drones or sensors can be investigated, it can be very difficult to do with a small scale. With his / her opinion They were given detailed and detailed data, a team of Washington University engineers, with the leadership of Shyam Gollakotta, fitted on the bumblebees with a sense of sensitivity that connects and cans; without wire.

What do you want? Fully full of the "cybernetic bees" can help to keep the health of a field by doing it. Monitor temperature and humidity, as well as monitor crop problems, among other information.

The way is done through a system called "IoT Beò" that is placed on your back. At this time, you may want to ask if it's a hard way; for those little insects. According to the engineers, they consulted biologists and used the "best care and management procedures".

They spoke with TechCrunch and explained that the team using small sensors and batteries only emphasized 102 milligrammes and an adult bumblebee could be between two and six more hours. Similarly, these insects can carry three-quarters of the weight of their body in pollen and nectar when they return to the nose. Here's what Gollakotta explained:

We decided to use bumblebees because they are big enough to carry a small battery that will power our system, and we will return every night every night where we can bring the batteries back to wire.

The group can monitor the bumblebees in a range of 80 meters, enough to be able to; The river survey but it is obvious that they open many other opportunities. Undoubtedly, the IoT uses live forms as an already evidence.

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