Video: This conversation caused the Flörsch disaster


German Sophia Flörsch's seventeen-year-old racer has a great deal of trouble. The scenes, as they were at a very fierce level, were to escape the way, surround the world right now. But the cause of the accident was secret.

One of the people who ran ahead spoke thereafter about a mistake; marble and yellow flag. As a result, Jehan Daruvala defeated her and stopped Flörsch, breaking his backbone and braking – to theoretically, it was not revealed that she had come after her; barriers to the right.

YouTube has already been playing a game video that is catch the time in the query. Try the two pairs to come in, and the talented race may have been back with broken buttons on the left.

Since then on, the car was only a passenger and a distance of around 272 km / h could not; slowing down without brakes. In addition, she unfortunately induced her across the hill; was thrown to the air, and a Sho Zoo car was sent to her.

The FIA ​​building did not kill the disaster, so Flörsch would fly two dozen meters and may be considerably worse. According to the medical report, this is a spine broken, but she wrote on Twitter after that she was "right".

For more information, we have to wait, through today, to complete the surgery.

He answered the situation on his Instagram Daruvala, but it was not very special: "I was involved directly and in one of the biggest disasters I ever saw, car crash over me, I'm sorry to hear that Sophia is right, and I pray for the navy and the photographers. "

Finished at 16.20am:

On social networks, even video even better from communication has already emerged. She showed that Flörsch broke the two boxes immediately and left the chance.

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