VIDEO – TPMP (C8): Patrick Laffont refuses to make performances by Julien Lepers!


Everything in France does not watch games to go on! It seems that it is the case of Patrice Laffont and Julien Lepers. The first 38 lively seasons, in total, the broadcasts Statistics and Letters, The pyramids and Fort Boyard, he did not give a good idea of ​​Julien Lepers. Applicant at summer game number, star Questions for a concert Having done many steps during filming: who did not answer questions from Father Fouras, and refusing to be burned to comment on his team, to eradicate his drag; name …

The news out there, it's inside Behind the post Enora Malagré on C8 showed that Patrice Laffont had appeared in 2015. And since then he did not change his mind about his colleague. On the set of Do not face my situation Respondent and actor responded to questions from columnist Christine Kelly on Monday, 11 February, about TF1 reality TV programs. After saying that he refused to participate in Danse avec les étoiles, the guest gave him a living spirit for him who was not aware when he said that I'm famous, I can get out of that that will be on back on IT1 in a few weeks: "Like Julien (Lepers, ed), I will not go!"… Indeed, the latter is named in the band with the archery Brahim Asloum and Ms. Alexandra Rosenfeld, among others. , spectators Laurence Boccolini and Christophe Dechavanne will receive.

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