Video video streaming does not end the end of the classic game review


There has been a Wien.Die revolution in the video game since March. Since Sony went to Playstation Now and Google in collaboration with Ubisoft on a video video game. The American-French partners gave "Stadia". 2019 games may be played in the cloud by means of this service. Microsoft quickly announced that it was launching a stream flow service in June.

The principle similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime on TV is: For a monthly fee you can play on your favorite internet games. These then run in corpus data centers. Powerful physical discs, consoles or pulsed PCs are no longer needed. Google has already announced that it can even play on a screen or on a wiper phone. Unlike video or music flow, the hardware industry is inevitable in the computer world. Although the recorder made a good supply of chips after being aware that their "Stadia" shells were being used in Google's data centers. But should it be a long-term video game to be worn, expensive consoles or even more expensive games PCs aren't needed. Who does not want to play on TV, there is a mini-PC for 100 eos or less here. There is also a greater or more expensive expectation, subject to requirements (and a submission tool). Expensive graphic cards, tenants or curators have now gone out of existence.

It remains to be seen what degree of salt can eradicate classical games. Netflix, Amazon and Co. success in television, but most of the television is still linear. In music, by 2018, Germany's digital services were sold on CD sales. For books, the digital market and analogue are balanced.

It is too early to talk about the games industry at first. As in other areas, disadvantages can lead to disadvantages. This includes the games no longer in ownership. They are hidden or sold flat. It also says: not paying a monthly without plays. Colleagues, some of whom are reluctant to accept.

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