Video "Video Test" to Fallout 76


Decision Map Unlock (Open). 11/16/2018:

The "failed fall online" test failed. At least in its current state, Fallout 76 is no longer than an RPG subject action game unfinished with an urgent multi-play link that is tried in secret to add the form of post-apocalyptic dance poems into a new game. It is technically going forward and even after the first crane still has been extremely laggy, and indeed the hunter has done it unfortunately. There is more inconsistencies that play a strong impact on play and among others. a place that does not need a storage box or a # 39; eliminate NPCs, leaving the atmosphere over. Because there are bad insects in different areas, it is harder but it also helps ensure that it is now in a position; Introducing himself has a story of an environmental story, as one of the strengths of the Bethesda Games Studio. And yet this post-apocalypse is an application to me, as the meaning of the original is a # 39; appear through vital media and keep the hook – as a result, there would be a level between 57 and 62 percent. But after my camp has gone away several times from the map and in one case the material that has already been raised after moving again from its # 39; "stored" board, so that one of the four advertised on the keypad elements is not a concern, but it is not necessary. Say: An essential element is just broken. Also, the very good intentions appraisals that are currently being damaged by mechanical or technical errors. How big it is that the loss that Fallout 76 of the banner can not be monitored by each seise. But after almost 50 hours of investments, I was never as unhappy with the Bethesda game.

Second decision by Jrg Luibl:

Bethesda can access this very beautiful online test. In addition to Rage 2, Elder VI and Starfield Rolls are on the pipeline – at least two games of professional work alone. And it was just for this type of game design that broke my rod for Bethesda. However, the team around Todd Howard needs to be careful: If there is even a # 39; It's a frightened supporter of those funny career games, although he stressed that you want to deal with lonely couples like myself, there is something between advocacy and truth. As well as damaging the image, there are times that are going to be wrong; grow better for future growth. There is no wonder how the Bethesda tourism in the Red Dead Redemption 2 or Cyberpunk 2077 light is cut off? Can this "largest independent developer", which I provide a number of respiratory hours, get better as a rope star or RED strategy? I loved Fallout 4, but I can not do anything with this copy. On the way, my warehouse is not extinct. But total lines of information. Some I can not finish. The surface co-op and the system were completely contaminated. Without the characters of non-players and companions, everything seemed to be after him. And at the most recent time when trying to fight in the fight and then to & # 39; Breaking the enemies, I lost Spanish at this time. Compared to that, there seems to be a skipper who thinks well about his / her; outcome! This is the best thing about this Fallout 76 that will not be interested in a few months. And Bethesda can learn from this error.

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