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Oscars of the game, the Game Awards, on this 2018 is won by a good winner: God of war, the best game that shows this transition to an adult age (both in the requested public and in the ways and ways of bringing own) of the video game. Adult, adult, moving and reflective work on violence and parental parental relationships with Greek deer grief. But, in addition to this impact, there were many other things in those prizes that are valuable to; move and give a brief reflection.

These are the seven keys that 1UP believe are essential to understand the worst awards of the tenth art.

1 On average

Yes, perhaps, the big subject. God of war, 2018 receptionist, and Red red solution 2, who has won the biggest awards (four) two examples of humanity recitation in his characters, his ambition and complexity in his sites of Netflix or HBO. Their impact was; at God of war to identify two things, a & # 39; A complaint to the author (Cory Barlog) for the identification of an AAA course[transcendental&media)tomakeandanalyzeandanalyzedata&information[overproducingit)compensatethesamepersonaswell[thar-riochdachadha'mheadhain)a'dèanamhdìmeasagusgumfaodeadhonancaractarasmothaath'annandumpyaguspimpishathoirtairaisguseòrsaeilededh'fhiosrachadh[superproduccióndelmedio)compensayquehastaelpersonajemásplúmbeoymacarrasepuedereinventaraotrotipodeexperiencia

2 No wonder in the & # 39; indies & # 39;

The messenger the best start, Return of the work of Djinn as the best art design and Celeste As the best indie, another year, that is indies they are living in & # 39; boundaries. But in this 2018 sense there is no sign present and an upgrade in her awards. It is not the humans in the Indies. They are a definite section of the business.

3 Waiting Service

This is the most controversial place, in general, on how the video game is decorated to give its own audience. But there are times when he knows how to play the trick of delight in mastery strokes. The most spectacular, including the hero Person 5, Joker, na luingear in the mother of everyone waiter service: the incredible Super smah bros. Final.

4 Fortnite Resources

It's probably the latest news in 2018. Epic, a & # 39; A company with the great Fortnite machine and the best and cheap graphic game engine (Unreal Tool), which launches video games for PCs with creators' conditions. Leave in listening to the huge increase in this market: Valve and Steam. Many of the games announced in the Game Awards, sometimes in total, published for this new market.

5 The war with you

The new Obsidian game, Outerlands, there is another show of that irregular situation that is only in video games. As the distribution channels are open and accessible regardless of the size and size of the companies, more and more video game producers, One of the masses of the umbrella (Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision …) is chosen to put up a war with them. Many of them fail. But a little does not succeed. It is true that Obsidian has made a decision to sell it to Microsoft (such as five other powerful studios), but in the first place they will let these Outerlands focus on the amazing work done by Californiaians for Fallout Fall de Bethesda.

6 With its own base

The best month is an Oscars to a video game and it will be a "Fuck the Oscars!"In full announcement to the filmmaker and filmmaker Josef Fares. It is the case that"Fuck the Oscars!"It is to reinforce the desire of this business of 100,000 million euros to distance away from the cinema and to be its own unit. With the Oscar-winning writer Hans Zimmer (Intelligent, The The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean) on guitar, the Game Awards beat his & her; board more for speed itself.

7 Teenage prize

What is often needed in video games and what is left when there is a red flag. Along with the & # 39; presenter what Ninja, Pepe Gamba, the most famous Fortnite players in the world, did the first time as a sparkle consecrator. It was marked by image.

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