Viet Nam does not just need peace, fortune out about 1 point. Vietnam Football


Vietnam players play a game against the enemy, they overwhelmed their host; Most of the time and steal a legitimate goal. But the papers, Myanmar still believes that one Vietnam point has been fortunate?

Click Myanmar: Vietnam needs only peace, fortune about 1 point

Vietnam telecoms create more opportunities for duplication. Myanmar has 6 full shots, which hit just twice. At the same time, Phone from Vietnam to 12 shots, which is 5 times a member of the visiting home team's attack. Even if the referees make the right decision in the case of Van Toan, the winner is the "Golden Stars", not just a target to go.

Phan Van Duc met his position with Myanmar's goal


Vietnam (white shirt) made many opportunities before Myanmar

However, the Burmese media do not. So, the country's media have shown hospitality that Vietnam should be fortunate to have a & # 39; left by point. The eleventh newspaper said Myanmar was the person who controlled his & her; game, passing past & # 39; dance. This game Myanmar continues to play; 53% wall, with Vietnam on 47%.

The newspaper believes that Myanmar is a "#; ending end, benefit, & # 39; do Vietnam just need peace! In addition, the Aung star team is not the best body. On the other hand, Van Lam first got the 2018 AFF Cup.

The Van Toan case was rejected by the referee

Eleven weeks said Vietnam had been fortunate in Myanmar

With the same word, An Guth Myanmar says that Gerd Zeise coaches have played better than this Hang Park Park team. The problem with the home team is just to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

And Mizzima News supports its & # 39; In that opinion, saying that if the fortunes of Myanmar can be handled, it is possible for Myanmar to influence Vietnamese and win tickets fairly to the 2014 AFF Cup finals instead of a & # 39 ; fought with Malaysia. The last battle.

Voice Myanmar regretted because home team did not win

Mizzima News fears that Malaysian can call Malaysia

Focusing on Vietnam – Myanmar (Suzuki AFF Cup) 10/20/2018

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