Vietnam – Battle of the Cubans suddenly "tight tickets, fever" 1007107


Thursday, November 22, 18 08:00 AM (GMT + 7)

From the game of operation, the conflict between Vietnam and Cambodia at the end of A A-Cup A group is unexpectedly for a number of reasons.

Vietnam has not reached its final

The top of the board can not be increased after the disappointment results in the Myanmar game, a child this week must be able to; Focusing for the final game of the meeting with Cambodia at home.

News coverage of television K + has examined Vietnam's ability, we have to pull out the Hang Diem wall before Cambodia makes sure they have the chance to finish the finals. And the product that has won many benefits to the Hang Seo Park teacher in the next round.

This situation makes the game with Cambodia more attractive, fans do not want to lose it.

Vietnam - Cambodia suddenly

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Tick ​​"Fever" to watch battle, fans; looking to see another chance

There were only 15 minutes after Vietnam was held 0-0 before Myanmar, tickets for Vietnam – Cambodia had seen Hang Dieu yard on 19:30 on 24/11 to fever.

VND600,000 pair tickets were built to VND1,500,000. There is a high price, but the number of tickets sold is limited (because Hang Dieu has a capacity of less than 20,000 sets) and the organizers have sold out tickets before The Vietnam-Malaysia battle, again the followers There is no "hard" to go to the stadium. support the team directly.

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Vietnam - Cambodia suddenly

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Vietnam - Cambodia suddenly

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Battle of Vietnam - Cambodia suddenly

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