Vietnam fans receive 2,400 tickets to the Myanmar-Vietnam game


The Myanmar Football Association (MMF) has officially opened official opening for the Myanmar-Vietnam Cup in Cup A Group Group A two days ago at the league headquarters near Thuwunna Estate.

According to the information, 2,400 tickets are reserved for Vietnam fans according to demand, and tickets will be sold from 10:30 m. On November 17 to 5:30 p.m. November 19

Vietnam fans have to show their passports when they come to buy tickets and only two tickets can be purchased for each person. The MMF also advised Vietnamese fans to buy the right tickets in the states that were reserved for visiting visitors to avoid security and safety risk while they were watch the game and its & # 39; delighted the team. Vietnam.

Myanmar-Vietnamese tickets selling MFF. (Source: MFF)

With Vietnam's appearance, tickets for the game will be seen at 18 o'clock (Myanmar time, ie 18 hours 30 minutes – Vietnam time) has been a "fever" in the last few days. People went to the MMF headquarters to make fees for tickets to see the next important game of the two teams, but none of them, push but keep order.

The taxes that the organizers are to include 3000 Kyat (US $ 1.89) and 5,000 Kyat (US $ 3.15).

On fans for Vietnamese community in Myanmar, Vietnam has many Vietnamese fans who want to live in tickets, red banners, yellow ribbons, etc. Everything to be better for a parent of Park Hang This is November 20.

At the same time, after winning 3-1 on Laos in Vientiane, the Myanmar team moved to Yangon to prepare for the Vietnam team, but as a result of a direct move to Thailand in about 20h00. On the afternoon of November 17, Antoine Hey's coach came to the Yangon International Airport, which followed more than one hour from the Vietnam team.

The Antoine Hey coach and Myanmar players refused to interview media interviews in Vietnam and Myanmar because they responded to their response. news conference before the game on November 19th.

Like Laos, his first rival on the Vietnam team in the Suzuki AFF Cup this year, Myanmar closed closed, not for media reporters, shoot their training session. At the same time, their training session in Myanmar is from 16:00 to 18:00 on 18-11 at the Vietnamese team.

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