Vietnam fans were attacking a Thai settlement page


The Vietnam referee is angry Vietnam fans

Just minutes after the removal of the Van Toan banner in the 77 minute game between Vietnam and Myanmar, the identity of the arbitrator was quickly identified by Vietnam fans. The Thai referee is named Phubes Lekpha. Mr Lekpha is a FIFA referee. The fight between Myanmar and Vietnam is the second time Lekpha has been over international games.

This personalized page does not allow users to continue and comment on public appointments. Therefore, Vietnam fans do not justify them by going to & # 39; let "angry responses" through posts.

21/11 Vietnamese Football News: Vietnam fans

Personal page of Phubes referee Lekpha fans of Vietnam are angry.

Vietnam Expert "criticizes" Van Resolution

The evidence of Van Resolution, Le The Tho football expert, is not satisfied with the FC FC player style. He told the media: "We should have been a lot better. In the first half, we played very poorly. The players at the stadium are not worth the value of Van Quy. I can not see pictures and many other players. From 30 minutes out to see our game style well, there are opportunities, although not very clear but it can make records.

Van Decision is a player that keeps listening to it; outer wall, knitting if there is a & # 39; Stone in star in Hanoi in the team to see where? I think it's very weird and so unstable. If you want to break the enemy's battle, the players must have a basic, and move into the penalty area, and # 39; run over, running forward, & # 39; new splitting gut."

21/11 Vietnamese Football News: Vietnam fans

Van's decision is not in a good shape.

Asian media is worth Vietnam

Testimonial on the Vietnam Phone performance in the first three rounds, Fox Sports Asia has said "It is a crew member; in Master Park Hang-here is a coach who can do a competition with Thailand, thanks for deep energy. A capable team can compete with Thailand on the depth of 2018 AFF Cup and that's a Vietnam. In addition to a strong defense not after 3 trips, the Golden Dragon series also won 5 visits"

The V-League won the best Asian Development Award in 2018

Vietnam's National Football Championship (V-League 1) was first honored to receive a gold prize in the region for its best development in Asia 2018 with the voting AFC and SPIA Asia ( Prize and Conference Sports Àisia Business.

This is the first time after 18 years of professional football, the highest level of English football club has won this prestigious award. Not only does it recognize the organizational and competitiveness of the Vietnam Professional Football Divisional Stock Company (VPF), of the clubs that host it; taking part, but also a clear reflection of the changes. Make sure the quality of your competition, step by step according to the criteria set by the Asian Football Association.

The old Hanoi star is waiting for "travel papers" for the AFF Cup 2018

According to a recent Swedish coach, AFF holds a meeting to decide whether Silva should be present at her; competition. Eriksson coach on Fox Asia said:I look forward to playing it. But now, the decision is not in hand, but waiting for answers from BTC.

Before what game is important to Thailand, if Silva, I can be a bit helpful. AFF will open up a problem and I hope that everything will be very good."

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