Vietnam has to make Thailand's ultimate decision to avoid Cup AFF 2018


– The Asian newspaper said the time is to "hire" the magic "Hang Seo Bhàin Park for his" won the 201 A A Cup Cup, did not meet Thailand in a short time, and has a favorable record – a home gaming rangeSouth Westerly

By affecting its & # 39; impact, Thailand can lose the final conclusions

Vietnam hurried on the finals, Myanmar was killed in Malaysia

International media: Vietnam is ready for a fight in Thailand

Seoul's Sport is a Vietnam attraction in the # 39; game with Myanmar as well as the end of the AFF bands 2018. They say that Vietnam will have a " Need a "magic" of Park Hang Here is a coach, that Gold Hunting can be kept as planned.

Legionary Newspaper: Vietnam needs to be & # 39; Thailand to do, but to avoid?
Vietnam is better employed than Myanmar but still has to share points with the home team

This page is a script: "Vietnam's plan was broken before Myanmar was broken, although he still played the home team for 90 minutes, Vietnam still has to share Myanmar points, with a 0-0 draw.

After the three AFF Cup teams in 2018, despite the only 7 points, Myanmar was second, second in Vietnam, and # 39; Thanks to the secondary index (more aims were drawn).

Park Hang This is the ultimate goal of having a & # 39; including to Vietnam in the Cup A Group Group 2018. As a result, the only team with the second team B in the final awards.

On the other hand, if they are in Group A, they will challenge Group B at the level of the organization. At this time they are rated in group B of Thailand and the rating is likely to be maintained up to the end.

Thailand is the most formal enemy in Vietnam. It's a mountain that's a & # 39; affecting Hang Seo Park, a teacher teacher, but it is best to meet later, now it can correspond to one of the names: Philippines, Singapore or Indonesia."

The Daily Sports also "Vietnam had been better, worthy of influencing Myanmar. But they have their shared points, so they still have Cup No. 201 AFF Class 2 registration.

In the last visit Vìoba meets Cambodia, it's not too ominous. Playing at home, it's & # 39; It is expected that Hangeng teacher teacher Hang Seo will have an impact.

However, Vietnam is still at risk of meeting Thailand early in the & # 39; the 2018 AFF Cup final, the team continues to host; supe and the strongest prize"

Legionary Newspaper: Vietnam needs to be & # 39; Thailand to do, but to avoid?
When Vietnam needs a Park Hang coach Here is the AFF Cup 2018 talent "talent".

There is another reason in this Class Park and Vietnam's coaches need to do its main AFF 2018 to take advantage of its & # 39; timetable. With "If you are managing a & # 39; board, the game team can play home games, both final and final, if the ticket is.

According to the results of their first game, Parker can " measuring return case, with 40,000 enthusiasts committed at My Dinh stadium. That is a terrible power.

To do so, Hang Seo Park coach to hire Vietnam to do in the final round of the 2018 AFF Cup on November 24th?

With a strong influence over Cambodia, Vietnam employing the incredible situation can be, and # 39; take the first one. The situation is favorable to Vietnam, because Myanmar must have a fight with Malaysia to make it harder. Myanmar is difficult to take three points on land in Malaysia, as well as having many goals.

As a result, the Vietnam team needs to achieve as many goals as possible in Cambodia. It's time to turn Vietnam into "magic" Park Hang Here!"

At the end of the previous 2018 AFF Cup Group, on 24/11, a long time B & B was a day after 25/11, in the struggle as a string, Thailand vs Singapore and Indonesia vs. Philippines. So, Vietnam's team benefits the right to its & # 39; A final that does not "choose" the opponent, so he can not be rated at his / her; First or second, good, but only has a first album playing home fields!

Mai Nguyen

Journal of Corner: an Encyclopedic Referee, a Vietnam Employed goal goal oan "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Newspaper from Cornwall: Unlawful reconciliation, which is emptied in Vietnam; disappeared uneasily

A newspaper from the coroner said that the Van Toan situation was not; outer gutting and the error referee that Viops has split out Myanmar points, will not get tickets to Cup AOB 2018 sooner.

Vietnam Miss Myanmar's impact: Do not be sad, This Hang Coach Park! "Width =" 145 "height =" 101

Ms. Myanmar Ms. Vietnam win: Do not worry, Hang Coach Park Here!

Myanmar's failure, the referee's error makes Park Hang Here, it's not sad to regret, and Waiting for the final round of the 2018 AFF Cup final decision.

Coach Hang This is the referee's bid when Vietnam's national team lost the goal "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Coach Park Hang This is a referee refusing when the team of Vietnam lost the goal

The Vietnamese team team could not win three points ahead of Myanmar in the fourth round 201 AIF Cup. B & # 39; The focus of the game was the controversial decision of the Van Toan refusal team.

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