Vietnam – Myanmar 0-0: Quang Hai or Cong Phuong Best Stone?


Wednesday 21/11/2018 00:57 AM (GMT + 7)

Although he can not win against Myanmar, Vietnam Phone continues to play on the enemy. So the name of the AFF Cup 2008 was voted as "Best Player of the Year" by Fox Sports Asia.

Quang Hai Concert in Myanmar – Vietnam (The Next Media Media, broadcast on VTC)

You have to go to the "fire fire" Thuwunna, Vietnam Telephone still playing on Myanmar home team. It is a shame that a Park Hang teacher can not leave 3 full points due to the poor state of the goods.

Vietnam - Myanmar 0-0: Quang Hai or Cong Phuong Best Stone? - 1

Quang Hai is a clear place of Vietnam Phone in the draw of Myanmar

After their game, strike players such as Cong Phuong, Anh Duc only Fox Sport Asia 6 points. For the struggle against Nghe, this article said: "Cong Phuong has many opportunities to search for goals but fall, lose, even go to the position of a keeper.

On the other side, Nguyen Quang Hai with Fox Sport Asia as a "Player Player of the Match" (8 points). The first half-robin football in the first half was the most dangerous threat to Myanmar's goal in the second half, Hanoi's wedding garden after its first two games were very unhappy. quiet

"Vietnam has been making it difficult for Myanmar to spend most of the time, successfully involving Quang Hai's success with a very successful mid-player to keep the job running a game and breaking a lot of the attack team. "Fox Sport Asia will write.

The 7-player players from Fox Sport Asia were Phan Van Duc and Nguyen Van Quyet. The skipper Vietnam Telephone Very controversial because it was released at breakdown. Interestingly, the newspaper also was disturbing Van Decision when the author hit her; hit the ball that hit in the & # 39; 36 minutes (Van Duc is the person who created this situation).

After the third battle, Vietnam Telephone The second 201 2018 AFF Cup was recorded with 7 points, in Myanmar but lost its aims.

Vietnam - Myanmar 0-0: Quang Hai or Cong Phuong Best Stone? - 2Vietnam - Myanmar 0-0: Quang Hai or Cong Phuong Best Stone? - 3

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Vietnam players played a big deal of concern about the referee's team's decision; 0-0 managed by Myanmar …

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