Vietnam, Myanmar gave power to southeast Asia


Playing in an increase of thousands of home fans, Myanmar has been extremely fond of. All red shirt players have been proven and focused But, before making the white wall of Vietnam Phone, Maung Maung, Si Thu Aung and Aung Thu, however made by Ngoc Hai , Dinh Trong and Duy Manh.

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Hlaing Bo Bo in a dispute with Nguyen Quang Hai.

This game was an amazing result of the Antoine teacher Hey when he was reviewing the history of his fuel, Myanmar has lost a 4 of 5 game against "Golden Stars". Speaking after & # 39; game, Hlaing Bo Bo's midfielder said: "Thailand and Vietnam are the strongest teams in south-eastern Asia, and we understand this and see their Vietnam game as an opportunity to improve and strengthen Myanmar.

I and my teams came to this game without going to & # 39; win one point but win 3 points at home. That has helped us to play very dangerous and creative opportunities. Unfortunately, it was not hard to get into your goal. Personally, I have two great opportunities to eat both.

This product has not been very happy, but it is also In terms of southeast Asia, Myanmar has seen progress"

In the next game, Myanmar will go to Malaysia's Bukit Jalil.

Dang Huy 11/11 11/21/2018

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