Vietnam – Myanmar: Peace 0-0, but the most exciting game


Let's let the referee's story, because that is the problem we have … behave. It's not a player, a & # 39; a coach or a coach; there. So, we will put outside to get a clearer view of the team.

Viet Nam - Myanmar: 0-0 Flowers, but this is the largest collection
Vietnam – Myanmar: 0-0, but the most exciting game (picture: Zing)

OK, let's start …

Mr Park Hang-seo is an "amazing expert", or maybe the national team's teacher is to create a surprise for Vietnam fans … on Vietnam's Tutorial Day.

There are guests in Myanmar, who are under the pressure of the states and competitors in a good financial situation, but they can say that Vietnam's team is the most popular game from the beginning of a & # 39; competition so far. The Post-game was the Park teacher who would like to show the very power of the team.

The protection is always like, secure support. Although some situations are open when the opponent is discharged; a member of the penalty area, but Van Lam has shown that his focus is on solving all the problems. The three defenders are not, but they do not stop when the challenge is against the challenge, they always do not; Stop fast, Aung, despite their attempts, but they can not meet Van Lam.

The peace from the stream continues to be strengthened.

Vietnam will match Myanmar 0-0, but the most exciting game icon 2
Coach Hang Seo Park

At the same time, the highest line has a game with lots of land. Phan Van Duc, in the first half, also had three opportunities to go to & # 39; finalizing Myanmar's dangerous points.

Here's the game where the most played players played in the last three games with 15 shots (11 against Laos, and 8 against Malaysia). And that's not the aim if we were too black.

The opposition did not matter, they also heard the mail, not by the superintendent, and not because of their talent. ; also, though the net from Myanmar has shaken.

Then, we are also aware of the diversity in the pieces of white gothies. The first 45 minutes was driven from outside the flight to the middle of Phan Van Duc. In the second half of the game the track crossed and put the ball into the dangerous Trong Hoang box and Van Hau wings.

In addition to the situation, the center of its pension is before the opponent. There are far-reaching shows that one of them has allowed Van Toan to get a hug. There are situations where Que Ngoc Hai has been active and cut off from the distance. And not to describe the good step arrangements, Anh Anh and Quang Hai can not use successfully.

The opponent may have the same bad potential to take advantage of, which hopes the players can develop at this time.

Anyway, fans have shown the games what they can do, after their first two moments have a small amount of land.

And finally, 90 minutes in Myanmar also end up saying that the park is hunting in two games with Laos and Malaysia.

Changes to its staff changes, including from the beginning of his / her; battle to battle, signal.

Phan Van Duc is the second most enjoyable in the country but it is not as good.
Phan Van Duc had at least two opportunities in the penalty department but he could not do it; scored.

Phan Van Duc from the start of his game, and became a very dangerous fuse in the first half. Hiep Hai, Hung Hung on his / her page, in a & # 39; A game that Vietnam team rises, it has been very supportive of that. What is the effect of having to & # 39; breaking Myanmar's goal. And then, Van Toan was the one who made the Park Champion as one of the most remote players in the world, as the protection of Myanmar was constantly disturbing, passing the member to fill the enemy but not known at all. Even the Holy Knight left in the second half the ball is good too.

Each of the pieces in which the teacher's Park helps to complete the picture on the field. And this is most in the article, because it's a # 39; relates to the "identity" of Park, a coach that always has strategies to deal with opponents, in all situations. He showed, despite being & # 39; Leadership of a national team (at a different level of the youth team), he was still developing its strengths.

The above ones are the advanced points that the article has seen after 90 minutes tonight, but it does not mean that there are no points for improvement.

Initially, as stated above, that is the ability of strikers to end. We may not have access to many of these books if the opportunities were better used. In addition to the "black" as said, the players are quick and they are not calm in the final situation as part of the goal.

Quang Hai, Quang Hai has the opportunity to be a new development but not yet the same level for Vietnam.
At the end of the game, Quang Hai got the chance to free kick but he still can not target Vietnam Vietnam.

The second is Xuan Truong. Xuan Truong was then used by Park, but his resilience seemed unlikely to come back to him. And there may be a reason, the Quang Hai Park decided to keep it on; court wants to manage its & # 39; game instead of Xuan Truong. This point shows that Hoang Anh Gia Lai is a midfielder; try the future.

Finally, it is difficult to say, is Van Decision. Vietnam's skipper was a disappointment with one of the most difficult situations. With great pressure to attack her; public, the decision will get a lot of criticism. I hope you will return to a captain, not just in terms of knowledge, but also the spirit.

It is not surprising when the focus is not the attraction but many things have a lot of things; game to talk about the biggest Vietnam. Perhaps this is right, as it is clear to show Vietnam's team today, a very tough and unexpected team.

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