Vietnam Ossian in Myanmar


On Vietnam's day, we've been on & # 39; see the commitment of home followers in the land.

Sign in Myanmar 20/11

Today's celebrations are the main destination for our trip to Yangon, Myanmar – we have prepared well before moving to Thuwunna Stadium – the national stadium of the host country. And despite the tense of over 30 degrees, Vietnam fans still have a " reflect the spirit of their evening game.

There were 2400 tickets for the sale of the visitors, and even many Vietnamese fans had to sell; Looking for 90 minutes, as the podium was covered. Before a game, we saw many stories from Vietnam people.

He is an old man who is there; to turn 78 but still lively to welcome the teacher of this Hang Park. People living in Myanmar, which aim to Vietnam, won a 2-0 Phone. He was a female supporter. just landed in Yangon earlier today, to look at her & her; game before returning home tomorrow. And that is the friend of a friend that is; travel here, although there are plans to spend time to encourage the team.

Myanmar 2011 A corner of Vietnamese people in Myanmar

Memorize Myanmar 20/11: When guests and homosexual love football

Myanmar fans are not so tired. In particular, the football fans of both countries are happy to exchange and collect together before the ball arrives. That said, no matter how intense the game will have, beautiful images of fans are always there. At Thuwunna Park there was football, a cultural exchange between the two countries.

During its game, Vietnam's 2400 fans appeared on its " pound enough to stop the home team. Although only 8% of the audience, the voices of Confucius's supporters and his companions are still very clear.

And we hope we see so many beautiful pictures, as football, at the end, has fun for connecting people.


Trong Hieu (from Yangon)

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