Vietnam people earn 10 million VNDs each month to play casino in Phu Quoc


According to the Government's Office, the 1440 Decision of the Government specifies 50% of the capital of a company that belongs to the Vingroup Group.

Phu Quoc casino business licensing

Phu Quoc casino business licensing

The complex permit-casino is part of a multi-sport archive, a range of recreationals, hotels, services and an internationally-rated conference center.

By installing casinos, total investment is & # 39; project up to 50 trillion ($ 2.17 billion).

It is said to be a casino entertaining center for the people of Vietnam, the pilot time is 3 years. Requires conditions to comply with the 03/2017 / ND-CP Decisions of the beginning of 2017 of casino business affairs and other applicable laws.

According to the rules, Vietnam's people who want to play casino in Phu Quoc must be full of 21 years or over, full of civic capacity, financial capability. Players need to show regular income at casino gaming from 10 million a month or more and in accordance with fees from level 3 or above according to the law on Personal Finance Tax from the Ministry of Finance.

All money being used for casino games must be Vietnamese money. Tickets will be returned to the area to raise their social benefits and security and order.

The Prime Minister also joined the Kien Giang Human Committee, co-ordinated by ministers and relevant departments to keep track of it and ensure a social order and safety at the place where the game was played.

Nguyen Tuyen

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