Vietnam Phone: media "Throwing cliffs" to help us get tickets to their & # 39; final


Experts took part. In fact, it is not too difficult to judge the wrong judge or his / her; judge in a controversial situation. Despite this, in this situation, Vietnam has a similar situation and responds to it. The massiveness of the Vietnam ruler needs to be as big as the case of the Catan regulators and the Thai assistant.

However, nothing that many people say, the regulator is not helpful in Vietnam after the work of the AFC now. This can be considered on BTC's solution to its condition and its handling.

Even if you have a professional and public opinion with the image analysis technology that & # 39; Decides that Vietnam Phone was hit by the wrong goal, the results can not change. An attempt to express its & # 39; Ideas only help us to make our own authenticity and wrong, but the demand will never be released.

Assistive advocates have a lot of criticism

Assistive advocates have a lot of criticism

There is no complete football. There are also bad incidents in football. A referee is right as part of the game. We talk to warn and protect our rights. We also want to be more active in fighting our ideas. However, we all know, the referee's mistakes are always with the football.

Well, keep up to criticize, keep hold, but this story should also be closed. We have a long way to go. We can not live with the emergencies we can be rough. There is no mistake but creating psychological stress. Football is a long game. We need to accept what is not needed. A team that wants to win must be powerful enough to meet each challenge.

Let me go to success. Try how unhappy you want to prepare for the next game. The well will come if our team always shows their degree and effectiveness.

After that wrong, the referee has stolen the Vietnam strategy

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