Vietnam T-90 New Tanks: Experience the "Blood Bones" from Biathlon Tank 2018


Biathlon Tank 2018 finished a while ago, so it may now be the time for the teams and leaders of the Autumn Department to look back at the preparation and competition, drawing lessons. Useful for next year's competition as well as ongoing training of T-90 tanks.

From knowledge of T-72B3 tanks work …

There are 22 teams attending the 2018 Biathlon Tank Competition, including Vietnam, Myanmar, Syria and South Africa. The 18 remaining teams know, most of the SNG republic like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia … or some other countries such as China, India, Iran, Mongolia, Venezuela … .

For the first four nations that were in Participating, there were also two T-72 drugs on long-term payments, Myanmar by T-72S or Syria with T-72A and B. The T-72B3 is a sports car.

Image of tank team members Vietnam is talking to countryside technicians 2019 Biathlon Tank

Out of the 22 teams involved, there were no T-72 tanks at Vietnam and Laos in the army. However, Laos should be involved in the first competition in 2017 less than one another. For the first time, the Vietnam team tried to make the best and the 17th team out of 22 teams.

Although the Soviet or Russian tanks have common features, there are still differences between the T-54/55 and T-72B3 tanks.

Initially, the driving situation of the T-55 and the T-62 on the left of the car was long, and # 39; The T-72 was in the middle of the car, and so two Vietnamese teams were in a position; fight to drive to the left. and many times to mark it on the left.

The next thing, in terms of destroying the target: Due to its & # 39; first partnership, first time to be & # 39; Driving the new tank T-72B3, our soldiers are very confused and easy to understand. The T-72B3 uses firepower control, many different than the T-54/55, especially difficult for beginners.

T-55 (left) and T-72B (right)

In the picture above, the left is the T-55 tank gunner. This is the old glass, each handheld device is.

The camera uses a curved glass to estimate the speed to the target, and then go to it; Looking up to four rulers on their heads and, depending on the type of weapon that is being used, and & # 39; lift or reduce cannon, so that the size of that measurement in the right range. way. Then focus on the target and burn.

On the right is the Sosna-U view of the T-72B, completely different from the T-55. Remote laser players use to reach a target to a target. Once the garage is determined, the distance above will be & # 39; move, just on the right of that speed. The camera then looks at the target and its # 39; open a fire.

Russian Sosna-U owners gave them a guide to the Vietnam team and used this rescue for a competition. PN-72 Sosna-U Sealladh-hall (with thermal camera, laser range laser range, guided guided wiper) to accept a moving target.

The view of the Sosna-U view of the T-72B3 scene was opened, and discovered that the Vietnam team knew how to use Sosna-U during the competition.

The text-visualization on the T-72B is much easier to use than the T-55, but it must take time to & # 39; handle, or it is easy to mistake the steps together. This may have been the reason why Vietnamese gas gunners did not compete every target.

With the coaxial machine guns: The Vietnam campaigners training program is based on the T-54/55, the main guns, DShk machine guns, integrated SGMT guns. Moving to the T-72 catching gun gun, NSVT gun gun, PKT unconnected gun is not equal.

Guns need time to know themselves and a number of guns to test the level of eye / sight / fly / flight.

There is a weakness, such a distance device, which uses the number, and # 39; Exit fly fishing that is going to go; lack of area attack. The length of a barrel will be affecting the distance between the fireworks and the flight head, calibration, the intersection range and a little difference.

Therefore, the weakness of DShK guns will be slightly different. At a speed of 1,000m because this competition is very important. No-one can identify the gun at the target and then drag his gun.

Image of Members of Tank Àir. 3 – The Vietnamese car team at the 2017 Tiath Biathlon team has the best team.

… have the ability to T-90S / SK

Despite the end of Biathlon Tank 2018, the Vietnam team was only 17, but initially there were very good results. show that their crew has a good understanding of how to use the T-72B3. The achievement of the three begins to be very confident as this is the case. The first time we come together and only 3 days to come together; get used to the Russian tank T-72B3.

In particular, it is extremely useful that Vietnam has ordered a total of 64 T-90s (with T-90S and T-90SK changes) from Russia in 2017 and this number is expected to be available. Russia completes to Vietnam in 2019.

Refer to the Binyagov Roman General Brigadier, Governors of the Vietnam Tank Pig:

"Vietnam is not the only team that participates in the competition for the first time, and there are also teams from Myanmar, South Africa and Syria. They all want to win. "

"However, they were very popular with members of the Vietnam Tank Team who participated in the Bhiathlon Tank, that they were going to attack and accepting the challenge of participating in a number of thousands of kilometers from Vietnam's international competitions, with new ways. They need to last in the shortest time. "

With its investment in memory, with a spirit of winning its & # 39; war, we can believe that the Vietnam team will be developing their performances and sites in the next competition.

This is also an opportunity for Vietnam's tankers to test their ability and ability to; New generation survives generation, since the T-72B3 and T-90S have many symbols.

Vietnam at the 2018 Biathlon Tank on July 29,

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