Vietnam too, uncertain football at Lam "West"


Wednesday, 28 November 2012 01:10 AM (GMT + 7)

FOX Sports Asia gave honor to the top 3 best keepers in the AFF Cup 2018 group, and including Dang Van Lam's backman from Vietnam.

Sublimation "West" performance and television telecast in the AFF Cup 2018 (New Media, Rights, broadcast by VTC)

The final of the 2018 AFF Cup finalized with four teams; a decline involving: Vietnam and Malaysia in Group A, Thailand and Philippines in Group B. FOX Sports Asia, which was closely followed by its. Competition, also voting Some of the things like the team around their board, the best legs, are the best goals, even the team with the biggest man.

Asian News: Vietnam is also good, Lam & West # 34; Non-persistent - 1

Three guardians were given an honest degree in the body

Recently, the Akshat Mehrish pen at FOX Sports Asia published more articles The best keeper in the body levelPost-Hassan Sunny (Singapore) was first mentioned, and is also featured in the Team. Despite the deletion of the national Lion team, Hassan Sunny's guardian's exhibitions greatly added.

360 minute play (4 tours), Hassan Sunny had nine losses (64.3%). The Singapore-based 5-goal system in Singapore has failed to fail the system but the 34-year-old keeper has been very good at & # 39; play, there is no chance to stop the lost situations. If Hassan is not good, Singapore could not be able to; hit Indonesia, 1-0 to Philippines.

The same thing goes for Myanmar guardian, Kyaw Zin Htet. In his four scenes, he supported 22 support with 17 help, 77.3% with a 77.3% strike level. For the Vietnam 0-0 draw, the keeper with a high degree of progress, will be excellent. But he did not establish enough to take Myanmar through the group.

His last name was honored as caretaker Dang Van Lam from Vietnam. Lam "s" West "is very special because it's a white grid in the level of a group but not the power. As FOX Sports Asia writes: "Indeed, Dang Van Lam got a great benefit from the team's team game style." Fact of opponents in A, A Group is always underway or make sure it's too high for Van Lam's framework.

Asian News: Vietnam is also good, Lam & West # 34; Unfortunately - 2

Van Lam has little opportunities

Especially against Laos and Cambodia, Van Lam had not been able to move his hands to the start of the Vietnam Fair. Before Myanmar, the weather for the midwife is fair. Meet Malaya's uncomfortable challenges, where the Vietnam Vietnam 2-0 win, the "Lam" West "work will be mostly due to statistics, two times need to be fantastic, The most interesting thing After 58 minutes.

However, following the article, FOX Sports Asia still said that Van Lam was still making a good idea, writing: "The Vietnamese keeper easily understands literally and truly, he took up I do not donate an objective seven times."

Indeed, Vietnam's number 1 number has not won many opportunities with the team's excellence. Meet the Philippines Filipin in the final, before the famous national football players "Lam" West "become more difficult but their level is ready for shine.

The best AFF team: Vietnam only Cong Phuong, England A fair Germany?

Fox Sports Asia has been at the beginning of the AFF Cup in 2018.

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