Vietnam – trading in India up to 15 billion USD of Economy


At the speeches, both sides shared that good relations have been in place; Develop strongly in all areas, especially after establishing the strategic partnership of 2007 and increasing its relationship. Broad strategy for 2016.

Both sides agree to implement full-level political responsibilities, documents about the agreed political relationship framework; In order to actively promote and enhance the capacities and benefits of both countries in order to deepen their cooperation in the field, and to include it. Program of Action for the implementation of its full strategic partnership period 2017-2020.

In that spirit, the two sides agree to strengthen the exchange of representative bodies and high levels, promote collaboration on the Party, the State, the Government, the National Assembly, the areas and exchange.

The two headteachers said they were pleased that bilingual trading has grown rapidly over time and India is one of the top 10 largest business partners in Vietnam; Trade confidence will reach $ 15 billion. The two headteachers praised the encouragement of investment, particularly in energy areas, renewable energy and high-quality agriculture; He was promoting the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Industry (PetroVietnam) and his / her; National Oil Company (NADC) to take the initiative in searching and & # 39; oil and gas research in Vietnam as well as seeking collaborative modules, including third countries. A decision as important as # 39; It is a better link and arrangements for Vietjet to run the HCMC – New Delhi way.

The two leaders confirmed their support to areas, relationships groups, people's groups, educators and researchers to strengthen collaboration and create favorable situations for media organizations, Increased communication of both countries in each country .

Maintenance represents the annual production of youth representatives to create situations for the generations of two countries to understand each other's history and culture. The Indian side is committed to studying Vietnam through a Technical Cooperation Program and Culture Exchange Program.

Both headteachers defended and security as a strategic, effective and effective partnership and agreed to increase human resource co-operation and training and to utilize co-operation between armed forces both countries. The North Indian side said that he was willing to share the knowledge of organizing and training of US guardians, helping Vietnam to overcome the impact of & war.

Both sides welcomed the progress by implementing $ 100 million packs of fast-fighting Vietnamese Border Patrol Boats and agreed to, the first Marine Security Tradition.

Both sides determined to continue to & # 39; co-ordinate closely and support each other in multilateral forums, particularly within the DA framework. Both sides agree to stand for election to the position of a non-permanent member of the Scottish Security Council (Vietnam 2020 – 2021, India 2021 – 2022 term).

The Indian president stressed that Vietnam was the backbone of India's "Eastern Action" policy, the leading partner of India in ASEAN. The General Secretary praised India in South China and suggested that India continues to support Vietnam's policy and ASEAN in this respect.

Following the discussions, the two leaders saw the registration of the documents, including: Memorandum of Understanding between Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communication and the Ministry of Communication of India in collaboration in the field of communication; Memorandum of collaboration between the Ho Chi Minh Political Academy and the University of Jawaharlal Nehru on the promotion of academic research and student student exchange; Memorandum of Understanding of its collaboration between the Department of External Relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Vietnam and the Indian Business Association in Vietnam has been in the process of developing a " creating a connecting channel to promote business investment and environment in venues in Vietnam; Memorandum of Understanding between Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Federation of Indian Industries have been promoting trade cooperation and two-link investment.

* On November 20th at the National Assembly, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Chairman of the National Assembly, met India's President Ram Nath Kovind.

Shortly after the meeting, the Native President Ram Nath Kovind spoke to the National Assembly. "All diplomatic relationships are important to India, but we have special relationships, which include friendly relations with Vietnam," said President Ram Nath Kovind. Vietnam is a? ASEAN's first country that I visited as President of India. Vietnam is always in my mind. And Vietnam is also very important to the East India action policy. "

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