Vietnam Tuyen: Van Resolution is suffering from the captain


– The captain of the Vietnam army Nguyen Van Quyet got the water after being criticized to drag 0-0 away to Myanmar. The problem is that it's "top buckets"; in Van Resolution?

"Vietnam recruitment, referee's reminder, get the AFF Cup semi-final"

Vietnam hurried on the finals, Myanmar was killed in Malaysia

Angels are angry because the referee "Rob" aims to win Vietnam

I'm sorry, praised the West

It is a surprise for those who allow the hard words to a Vietnamese captain: "the family sentenced to" decide what "outsiders" do not evaluate the performance of a player 10 that Not so bad, no one. Even, a "woodland" decision is on the list of Vietnamese team players who got the highest score after their game with Myanmar.

Is it good water?
Quang Hai is the world's leading international media player designation in Myanmar

FOX Sport when coach players such as Park Hang Here passed Concession 7 of Van, although the player only played for 45 minutes. Compared to the 13 remaining players of the Vietnam team, captain of a Vietnamese team captain is identifying in the top 3 rated people.

The highest score that is analyzed and its & # 39; The 2018 AFF Cup website is well below this star for Quang Hai: 8 points. Van Resolution and Phan Van Duc, who hit the position on their pole phone in Myanmar, had the same points.

Compared to the rest of the team, especially the two players that are responsible for taking the work Cong Phuong-Anh Duc, Van Resolution got a bit of a bit; better. Cong Phuong and Anh Duc 6 got points but, like other players in the Vietnam team.

Is it good water?
The team leader, Van Quyet, in the main page with high marks

It is the problem that the international media's opinion is to # 39; The idea of ​​a particular section of Vietnam's media, even the media in the country, is related to the idea. The "brick stone" dropped down the Vietnam national team after its performance at the Thuwunna courtyard. Many people said that Van Resolution was "nothing" in Vietnam, even though it still does not match the captain's number 10 to have been trusted with crew.

A copy of the skipper's job

The truth of his love is the normal sense of football, especially when the Vietnam team is in a position; play in the important competition, & # 39; good attention to the AFF Cup. It also recognizes that the normal weight is and this player is "flooded". In the 2018 Asiat a few months ago, Van Resolution was also under great pressure as it was said that "a" kidney "was a seat of Vietnamese young people U23.

However, the decision is likely to be "excessive" bikes due to a # 39; An indirect feeling, that they were taken away too long. Given that justice is placed on its & # 39; ban, a man is aware that a Bride is also lost at Thuwunna; Cong Phuong throws 3-4 gold opportunities to recover Vietnam with 3 full points.

Is it good water?
Like many older people, Van Resolution also "suffers" with the weight from the captain

Not the same after 45 minutes because Luu Xuan Xuan Van has not done anything in the summaries that appears on the field? One thing is clear, Vietnam's team line is completely out of the first half when the pair Xuan Truong – Quang Hai can not even hit power & # 39; home of Myanmar.

In the 4-5 seasons last Cup, the Vietnam football players appear to be "cocooned" people, and it is not very lucky to have a " creating winning. AFF Cup 2008, Minh Phuong Herring Carriage & # 39; captain, but not as often as the mid-talented player. It's similar to Tan Tai at the AFF Cup 2014, when Miura's coach does not have less than Khanh Hoa in the midfield, which is largely responsible for a news conference.

Clearly, Van Quyet's weight and duty or any other player would have doubled when they were throwing Vietnam's skipper flag. But after three matches of the AFF Cup in 2018, the "Forest" is not shown, but it is not an accident, a & # 39; This Hang Park Park team has a huge impact on this.

There is no decision in the true form, the truth is to accept it. However, it is clear that Number 10 is a player of the range, knowledge and level in the Vietnamese team roof. He is not a strong player in the eyes of her; park and companions who would be the only "turning" player after 45 minutes of disappointment.

The face is also a rough, difficult road for the Vietnam team to challenge and at the same time the opportunity to; authenticity of professional values. The Minh Phuong skipper for 10 years, just just for Pun Vinh's penalty for his gold hits, did not have enough to clean up a competition.

The visit to Van Toan was rejected:

Hoàng Khac

International media: Vietnam is ready to fight in Thai "width =" 145 "height =" 101

International media: Vietnam is ready for a fight in Thailand

Following the challenge against Myanmar, Fox Sports evaluated experts in Vietnam, with a team with deep teams, have many innovative pieces for competitions with Thailand camps at AFF Cup 2018.

Vietnam Miss Myanmar's impact: Do not be sad, This Hang Coach Park! "Width =" 145 "height =" 101

Ms. Myanmar Ms. Vietnam win: Do not worry, Hang Coach Park Here!

Myanmar's failure, the referee's error makes Park Hang Here, it's not sad to regret, and Waiting for the final round of the 2018 AFF Cup final decision.

Coach Hang This is the referee's bid when Vietnam's national team lost the goal "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Coach Park Hang This is a referee refusing when the team of Vietnam lost the goal

The Vietnamese team team could not win three points ahead of Myanmar in the fourth round 201 AIF Cup. B & # 39; The focus of the game was the controversial decision of the Van Toan refusal team.

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