Vietnam U23: Generating "left-rafter"


U23 Vietnam: Generation of these

A left turn goes through a member, passes and passes

The influence of the 4-23 effects of U23 over Thailand U23 is widely noted. But he is definitely standing out among the many things that are there today, and that is the combination of players playing left foot to goals. In the eighth minute, Van Hau pulled the ball with the left foot over the Thai player in the middle and then used his own right to send the kick out to get out. Duc Chinh headed by one conversation … the left foot left the score.

To the second half, Quang Hai – who is regarded as the best person in U23 Vietnam in particular and Vietnam football in general, is very encouraging to pass over a great deal of Thai class girls are really nsive. showing a way with the foot before the back to Hoang Duc so that he can thoroughly convert his body to end it … his left leg has been placed on the score to score the 2-0 degree.
And, again, the again described 4-0 result saw the smooth coordination of the left legs. From attack in the extreme left, Quang Hai suddenly jumped in with his left foot to lift the ball up on his back, opening an airway for Thanh Thinh to come down. This defender was forced to replace the U23 Vietnam a little spiral into the Thailand penalty area, and then took the ball with his left leg back to Thanh Mac from second line to complete 4-0 for U23. Vietnam.

Faith in "leaving a contract"

Thailand U23 was animated by players who were on the left side of U23 of Vietnam. And when you look at the journey out, this Hang Park is at Coach Park also benefiting from its backdrop. You really need to know what U23 Vietnam's influence in 3 games (goals 5/11) comes from the degree stage.

On top of that, there are many games that are equivalent to half that Mr Park's top teams are "excellent" as Quang Hai, Viet Hung, Hoang Duc, Van Hau Than Thanh Thinh. . It is something that is rarely seen in the history of Vietnam football. And of course, with the individual exhibitions in the competitors, the players above promise to make the pillars and hopes that will represent the players in F23 in two very important awards. UEFA U23 2020 SEA and Asian Games.

Left players will have specific skills, creativity and innovation. After all the shows for Thailand, Vietnam fans have the right to trust in Vietnam U23 in the future and also for the players encouraged by Mr. Hang Hang Here.


Nguyen Quang Hai

– Strengths:

Go wisely, move the ball, beat long-distance power

– Weaknesses: The level of penalty is not high

Nguyen Hoang Duc

– Strengths:

Get the member, create tribes from the first stage stage

– Weaknesses: Opportunities in albums are not well developed

Doan Van Hau

– Strengths:

Passing and kicking with the cheek outside, good inns, great strength and accuracy

– Weaknesses: Hot temple

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