Vietnam, very ready to fight in Thailand


– – Following the challenge against Myanmar, Fox Sports evaluated experts in Vietnam, with a team with deep teams, have many innovative pieces for competitions with Thailand camps at AFF Cup 2018.

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The team is always a pen in south-eastern Asia, Gabriel Tan has made interesting things after Vietnam has been employing Vietnam to regret Myanmar against Thuwunna.

1. Park Hang Here is a trainer in the midfielder Quang Hai

Quang Hai, South Korea's chief engineer, has played a mid game in the Asiad competition in Indonesia and continues to be used by this post from the beginning of the AFF Cup in 2018.

International media: Vietnam is ready for a fight in Thailand
Quang Hai is in the middle of its midfielder situation – Photo: Sport5

However, is Nguyen Quang Hai a very medium media player?

After all, the 21-year-old had a good view when he was attacked in a club shirt as well as the national team. Encounter Myanmar, although he starts with school; Spring in the middle, Quang Hai knows how to create opportunities for their own.

In the context of the Nguyen Triad over Anh Duc, Cong Phuong and Van Quyen, this Park Hang coach may consider the plan to draw Quang Hai higher to take advantage of the ability a & # 39; attack player.

2. By becoming hard, Vietnam has challenged Thailand

The campaigns have had a huge impact on the competition in the department for many years. So even if they have launched the "B team," they still show strength with very good venue players.

International media: Vietnam is ready for a fight in Thailand
There is an advanced team depth in Vietnam

If you choose a team to compare to Thailand on the herring strength in the AFF Cup this year, it can only be Vietnam.

In addition to the three steel players with Quang Hai and Xuan Truong where Hang Seo Park was not always parked.

It is more remarkable when young stars as a keeper and prime defender, Bui Tien Dung, Ha Duc Chinh, or Nguyen Tien Linh, have not been able to show themselves on the field.

3. Vietnam's Accommodations happy with the results

Going into a guest house in Yangon, some people said Vietnam would be disappointed when it only gave a point.

International media: Vietnam is ready for a fight in Thailand
The product produces Vietnamese players

However, Park Hang Seo coach is still open enough in the final when he started to meet with the officially Cambodian Cup AFF Cup. Although Myanmar needs one match at least Malay to win the finals.

Vietnam will not be able to eliminate Myanmar's case according to the Maltese points, and the red squad lost to Cambodia on 4 visits to the Hang Do's garden. In fact, that is very similar.

Watch video to highlight Vietnam 0-0 Myanmar

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