Vietnam vs. Cambodia that was not held in the south


For now, the area is very tight for games with Vietnam Phone, since from the 2003 SEA games to date, most of the team level games are held at My Dinh Stadium (Hanoi ). In particular, following the victory of Vietnam U23 in the finals in the early summer of 2018, fans from the south "" thirst "for the Hang Seo Park staff competition.

So when it was known that the stadium closed the schedule for the ceremony and the opening ceremony of the national athletic meeting in 2018, VFF asked AFF to match a game between Vietnam – Cambodia was held on 24/11 on Hang Dieu yard. Many fans of South Vietnam have been aware of why they did not bring the game to the area, especially the Thong Nhat Stadium (HCM City), where they had enough to keep their game . This does not describe, after its & # 39; A game with Myanmar, which travels from Yangon to Ho Chi Minh City, the road is very inconvenient and the weather is similar, and the Cambodian route to Ho Chi Minh City is very close too.

Outdoor fans are very tiny for the Vietnam game. Photograph: Duc Cuong

The audience was delighted in a friendly Vietnam game U22 at Thong Nhat Stadium

"At first, AFF has asked the nations to hold one place for the event, for all AFF-run competitions," said Tran Quoc Tuan, vice president of technical matters. The opening ceremony at My Dinh Stadium is for national sport and 2018 corporate training, so AFF agrees to move to the same town of Hang Diem, rather than moving to other places because it is very expensive. Even if we explain why Myanmar was held in Mandalay and Yangon, the organizers did not agree. "

It is unfortunate that the south spectators of the AFF Cup 2018 can accommodate hospitality. Recently, because there is no plan to hold the AAF Cup 201, the Thong Nhat Stadium (Ho Chi Minh City) has been in the process Improve grass surface to serve the 2019 season and league games. in the international future.

The player born in Vietnam published his defeat on Park Hang Seo

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