Vietnam vs Myanmar: Pity


At the second minute of the game, Myanmar was a dangerous left attack, Lucky Lam played a good play on his ball. After this situation, the Vietnam Phone played harder and created attractive games. In the last few minutes, there was a & # 39; Most in the middle of their park.

With his homewill, Myanmar controlled his larger member. However, the most dangerous opportunities come to Vietnam Phone. In 20 minutes, Cong Phuong was a member of Xuan Truong, Nghe's commander to end his member to lose the Myanmar column.

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In the remaining minutes of the first half, Vietnam Phone has a minimum ending but failed. In particular, the most unfortunate moment of Van Duc in the 36th minute. Since Quang Hai hit, Van Duc was a hitting the wall to wake up her & # 39; pole out of Myanmar to go out.

In the second half, Park Hang coach made a quick decision to pull Van Decision back and Xuan Truong left the playground, instead of Hung Dung and Trong Hoang. At the moment Hung Hung made the difference in 49 minutes, stretched out an overview of Myanmar, the enemy's guardian does not accept his / her; ball is very dangerous.

The game is more interesting when both sides constantly create dangerous attack situations. However, Vietnam's telecoms have the potential to; create more. Unfortunately, the situation in the 77 minute moment, Quang Hai, got very strong points that Myanmar's fighter did not accept her. member, just Van Toan – the only player before the final "we miss the net". But Van Toan's goal was not recognized as a result of the outside.

During the time of time, the Vietnam Phone created more opportunities, but unfortunately no record was recorded.

With 0-0 Myanmar, Vietnam is continuing to & # 39; direct the A & A group; mourning during the finals.

Vietnam Views: Van Lam, Dinh Hanh, Van Hau, Van Duc, Xuan Truong, Quang Hai, Van Quyet, Cong Phuong, Anh Duc.

Myanmar Line: Nine Kyaw, Soe Moe Kyaw, Win Moe Kyaw, Tun Tun – Bo Bo, Moe Aung – Mg Lwin, Thu Aung, Phyoe Wai – Aung Thu.

Group Classes AFF 2011 Cup



90 & # 39 ;: Gun phlatlat. Van Hau fell in the Myanmar box, but he did not. The referee agrees not to harm the home in this situation.

87 & # 39 ;: Van Lam made a good judgment and took the ball just before the Reds finished. Vietnam then opposed their complaint, but the immigrant Myanmar supported early.

82 & # 39 ;: Myanmar throws the left of her & # 39; throw his member directly to his / her; pensioner, but the host player did not play the member before Van Lam came.

77 & # 39 ;: no focus is identified. The strong point for Quang Hai, who did not accept Myanmar's caretaker, said Van Toan was in a hurry way that the "challenge of the net" was in the face of the opponents. However, Van Toan's goal was not recognized as a result of the outside.

76: Cong Phuong left her garden to make Van Toan.

70 & # 39 ;: This Hang-Co Coach Park was held, and sometimes went out to the coach bitch. The Korean teacher looks immortal when Vietnam does not have the opportunities it has; to produce tables.

64 & # 39 ;: Not there. Cong Phung is a "killing and" finishing in the penalty area was very dangerous, unfortunately Miss Mya lost the ball.

55 & # 39 ;: Quang Hai is doing a & # 39; polite to crawl a & # 39; inside for Cong Phuong with a member in the penalty area. But the low fire left its Kyaw Zin door again to & # 39; pouring in danger.

53 & # 39 ;: dangerous. Myanmar, No. 6 Hlaing Bo Bo, successfully completed, fortunately. Van Lam's control of the situation. After that, Vietnam Phone responded with two very dangerous shots, unfortunately no goals are scheduled.

49 & # 39 :: No. Trong Hoang sent to Myanmar, the enemy did not get a dangerous ball.

46 & second; ground floor starts: Park Hang This coach removes Van Quyet and Xuan Truong, instead of Hung Dung and Trong Hoang.

45 & # 39 ;: There is a & # 39; first half to finish

44 & # 39 ;: Eventually, not only the disaster between Ngoc Hai and Bo Bo Bridge in Myanmar, and both of them got a yellow card.

36 & # 39 ;: Meet Quang Hai's member, Phan Van Duc hit the ball to his / her; hitting to go to Myanmar column.

34 & # 39 ;: dangerous. The sad situation is facing Vietnam Phone, bad luck has gone over with us.

32 & # 39 ;: No. From left to left, German Axis turned to top to go on; member to go somewhat wrong.

28 & # 39 ;: No permission. After hitting the illness on Quang Hai, Van Duc finished in the case, the enemy's opponent hit his opponent to jump over his & her; crocodile.

23 & # 39 ;: No permission. Before the siege of many enemy players, Van Duc could not finish the scene. Shortly after, Myanmar returned with one view.

19 & # 39 ;: Cong Phuong passed from Duy Manh and broke into the center and laid down his narrow limestone in Myanmar to narrow.

13 & # 39 ;: Myanmar has used a long time, protecting Vietnamese players to stop the enemy's situation.

10 & # 39 ;: Choinnich Phuong met the finishing area outside a penalty area. But a Myanmar defender is sending a & # 39; wall just before the game takes.

6 & # 39 ;: Just recently, Vietnam's phone to escape the enemy was very dangerous, and the situation was very lucky to control.

2 & # 39 ;: Van Lam's drag board was a member after the main defender of Vietnam's wing shield was close to its goal.

1 & # 39 ;: a & # 39; first half to start

Vietnam national team to play Myanmar

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Vietnam vs Myanmar, Vietnam vs Myanmar game, Vietnamese vs Myanmar game, Vietnamese vs Myanmar game

Information on human resources

Vietnam Telephone welcome the good news from the game with Myanmar when Huy Hung comes back. So Hang coach is full of staff against Myanmar.

Myanmar The force will not be stronger to welcome Vietnam when playing midfielder Thein Than Win, the player has been allowed to disable two yellow cards to play a game.

Speaking ahead of Vietnam vs Myanmar

Seo Hang Park (Vietnam) Coach: "This is a hard game away from home, Myanmar has won seven goals due to the top player of attack players, and we have attracted games and won them in the past, 39. They are very good in Myanmar, but they can always go back in time, for example, they played well in the last 10 minutes. "

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