Vietnam was 1 in Thailand killed by 17 pence 11 visitors


Friday 11/11/2018 00:08 AM (GMT + 7)

Vietnam's football is firmly marked at the AFF Cup 2018. The "golden stars" play a " game based on the Hang Seo Park coach philosophy, which constantly strengthens its accuracy and effectiveness.

Myanmar – Vietnam Game (New Media, Rights, broadcast on VTC)

Vietnam's favorite player

Under this Park Hang coach, Vietnam teams – from U23 to the Vietnam national team, play football closely and effectively. This is the basis for the success of Vietnam U23 in the young people of the continent, from U23 Asia to ASIAD 2018. And now, all the expectations of the national team in Vietnam will be. to succeed.

AFF Cup Fight: Vietnam No. 1, Thailand designed 17 pence 11 visits - 1

Dang Van Lam did not have any goals at the 2011 AFF Cup

Vietnam is on the right track of Cup 201 2018. Statistic shows that Vietnam is the best team in the league, as it was before the last round of the group. Dang Van Lam did not get any goals yet. There is no team on that record, even with the Thailand defense campaigns. This team has won 3 goals after 3 games. He is the second best defender in the Singapore league, with two goals.

Transferring Cambodia at home allows Vietnam to keep a series of clean-up pages to 4. It seems to be a rare team; in Vietnam due to the level of the AFF Cup history. And, indeed, this is a great success with Park Hang Seo.

The public only had been 5th!

However, Vietnam does not have any problems. If not, the "Golden Stars" 3 can win the overall benefits and they will only take the lead in A-A, instead of second place before the last game. As a result, Telephone Funeral work is not as exotic as expected, especially in the platform to take advantage.

AFF Cup Fight: Vietnam No. 1, Thailand designed 17 pence 11 visits - 2

Duc Duc and his companions need to take advantage of the opportunity

According to the AFF Cup 2018 numbers, it's only Vietnam from & # 39; fifth in terms of exploiting opportunities. The rate of change affecting Vietnam's target is only 26.3%, which is an average of almost 4 shots to & # 39; hitting target invaders such as Anh Duc, Cong Phuong, Quang Hai, Van Duc, Van Decision 1 or Van Toan has 1 goals.

After 3 matches against Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar, the Vietnam national team made 37 final destinations. Among them, 19 times the ball was directed to the opponent, and 18 times. But so far, the "Golden Stars" is still lower than the goals of Myanmar's goals, so the second is in the list. At the same time, Myanmar has 20 shots hitting the target, it has 7 goals, which reaches a 35% achievement.

The most organized team is the AFF Cup 2018 before the last game of Thailand comes. The guardian protects simple and simplest football play. Thai stripper, Adisak Kraisorn, received 17 visits in the first half with only 11 goals and 64.7% of the goals.

The Philippines are a reason for the AFF Cup 2018. This team has only eight exhibitions to hit the target, but it also has four goals, ie up to 50%. Indonesia's level of change (38.5%), Myanmar (35%), Vietnam (26.3%), Malaysia and Singapore is the 25% target level.

Compare the chance to take advantage of the AFF 2011 Cup
Skips Aims Completing the target Final points are unlikely The level of change was affected by its & # 39; visiting menu
Thailand 11 17 9 64.7%
Philippines 4 8 13 50%
Indonesia 5 13 19 38.5%
Myanmar 7 20 18 35%
Vietnam 5 19 18 26.3%
Malaysia 4 16 22 25%
Singapore 1 4 11 25%

Source: 2018 AFF Cup Home

Asian journalists expressed an absent post from the Park teacher: After Van Toan, who's the secret card?

Van Toan is one of the many "bleepers" of Park Hang Seo at the AFF Cup.

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