1 year old child to sleep on her & her; back without being in his chest, 7 days old did not sink

Every night, a daughter is 1 month sleeping in the corner on her; pavement, until the morning when everyone woke up, the new child will be taken away by her mother.

Divide your child about birth and why he was asleep on the platform

Just finished traveling, I do not know how you will be able to travel; weaving

Recently, a maternal story for sleeping at night-to-night milk pads for money-buying milk has a special focus on the ideas of her; public. She knows that her baby is sleeping on Nguyen Khoai's street, near Dong Xuan market (Hanoi).

To find out the real story, on the night of 19/11, we were present in the area in front of the Dong Xuan market and caught a middle-aged woman who was seated for money between the main road. Along with this woman, a little child is about 1 month old, and crying because of milk.

Pictures of the child lie on their pavement, causing pity to many people. Photograph: Tran Thi Quy

Before that, many people stopped money and bought milk for the baby. The mid-age woman would have to eat the milk of the girl. He drunk almost all his vial and continued to sleep.

Speaking to us, the woman said that she was a Russian man; , born in 1983, who was a native in Ha Tinh. When asked about the girl in the trolley, Russia confirmed that she was a biological child; , so far it has 1 day old and unnamed. However, when we asked for the entire name of Russia, as well as the native place, the mother did not respond and said he did not remember it correctly.

Girls on the way to help with a drink of milk just before the Dong Xuan market.

Russia is a single mother and day-to-day work makes divisions. Russia has no permanent residence and so I have to allow my child to sleep on their doorstep every night. On birth, Russia was taken to the Central Obstetric Hospital and was delivered there.

In a hospital a few days, Russia and his son will be blown away. 7 days after birth, Russia attacks children to live, night and night; sleep on the pavement. Depending on what their mother has & # 39; In the region, Russian girls from birth were completely fed on chestnut milk, because she could not cook her food. At this time, she has completely lost milk.

Mothers do not know how to eat their & # 39; food, and they pick up their children with milk.

During the time of their children and their children, sleeping on the pavement, many people knew how to do it; help and at the same time raising their children. But Russia did not agree.

About 11 hours at night, Russia sent her children to Hang Khoai's place to sleep.

The person who shares the story wants them to be better than their care

Tran Thi Quy, a charitable worker who runs homeless shelter and posted on social networking sites, said the child was a child. of Russia.

Many people will focus on & # 39; help moms and children.

"In this area, I know my homeless people and I know Russia for a long time. I was the one who met and saw a Russian cinema. I also have Russia during that time. So I certify that nothing is over Russia, and does not borrow Russian children anywhere in order to make money ask, "said Quy.

According to Ms Quy, when Russia was born seven days, she met two Russian children in the Dong Xuan market area, but then he does not meet again. "On November 15, I met my little girl as long as I was going to sleep alone. So I took pictures and posted me on social networks," she gave spent.

Quy has met Russia several times and shares the story on social networks.

According to Ms Quy, she shares the social network picture for mercy for the child. "I look forward to the future of the government to ensure that the child's best care, avoiding bad situations, especially when the cold days are coming , "he said.

In this regard, some traders and distributors in the Dong Xuan Market discovered that the child was a Russian child in the child. However, this mother has many problems, not a social networking division.

Russia and one who analyzes the money and her; Providing people who help, & # 39; support.

"It is (Russia) reducing a 500 million room per month in Puc Tan, except to sleep during the day and night so that children can go to the school. sleep on a pavement, a mother who is going to aggression to break.

In fact, this person is not as hard as everyone thinks and has many problems. The poor one is the child. We were very sorry to see it only 1 month old and he had to sleep on his / her pavement, "one distributor was with us.

We will continue to hear about this.

Broken picture of a 1 month child to sleep mommy who; spend money to buy milk?

The picture of a 1 month old child is sitting on her mother's screen with a screen; Bringing silver scraps a huge interest to the internet community.

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