10 Ideal Love Hotel for Couples-See Eaten

If you want to change the wind in the "sex", the place in these hotels is a good idea for couples that love the hot, liberal style.

1. The Secret Dungeon

10 guest rooms for single living - 1

The secret corridors in the rooms at this hotel give fire to the couple. The interior is well-displayed, if you want to have a strong feeling, or if you want to, love "sovereignty", this is the hotel for you.

2. Pelirocco

10 guest rooms for couples - 2

There are 19 rooms in this hotel with 19 different styles, you can choose from a room that is inspired by crops, where pelican dance girls are seamless. The mirror on the top is a good image for a hot night.

3. Bumblebee

10 entertaining rooms for private parties - 3

This is not a hotel but a motel, but you can comfort and mind from the nude pictures on the walls. In addition, colors and format also make a & # 39; couple are worse.

4. Look at the BXG at Sanctum

10 entertaining rooms for 4 people

At this hotel, you can offer sexy blades, such as masks, cuffs, flies … In addition, if you need, you can fill your room with sex toys, and give it a strong feeling. In addition, many elegant pictures are also decorated inside the room.

5. Bear Bear

10 entertaining rooms for 5 people

There are very beautiful rooms at this hotel, a golden swimming pool in the middle of the room, a noble style bed and other furniture to give you a new atmosphere to improve your desire.

6.Abroad Desire Resort & Spa

10 guest rooms for private parties - 6

This home has special places for couples that are in a position; enjoy outdoor sex, even at night, nightclubs, striptease and "sex game room" for those who like it. bridge.

7. The Erotic Room

10 entertaining rooms for 7 people

The spa resorts full of "sin" in this hotel are all interested. Very good, a fantastic look from above, a lovely city, a loving bed … all those couples are missing on most

8.Stay & Play

10 entertaining rooms for 8 people

There is a kitchen room with those wishing to change the atmosphere, there are also separate chairs, cages, a great place of fun.


10 entertaining rooms for 9 people

There are many rooms at this lovely hotel with different themes, some rooms are designed in the style of Chinese kingdoms, and provide rich knowledge.

10. Amour

10 entertaining rooms for 10 people

Encouraged by the love of its hotels, there are nude pictures, inspiring tunes, heat toys.

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