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17 school students give two-day absences from the full moon festival in January

17 school students will attend a two-day absence of a Full Moon Festival in January - 1

17 schoolchildren take 2-day school opportunities from the full moon festival in January.

Feasgar 17 Gearran, Department of Education for Home. Thu Two Mot (Binh Duong) has sent a written request to 17 schools so that students will then get the full-moon festival of the Festival (14th and 15th day of the moon's calendar). So, the Two People City Committee agrees to allow some of the nursery, primary and secondary schools in the middle of their home to be at school at the Festival Full Moon festival in January.

In particular, there are two nursery schools, two non-absent primary schools from school and school leaving for two days from February 18 to 19 (14th – 15th of the first lunchtime month); Other 13 schools have to go out of school and teach on 19 February (lunch 15 January). Most schools in Phu Cuong Ward, Chanh Nghia Ward at Thu Two Mot City.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thu Cuc Former Chairman of the Household People's Committee. Thu Two Mot, CEO of the Festival Steering Committee, is the reason why students leave school because of this time, taking part in sudden rising traffic, the area welcomes "terrible" visitors from the places to pour out and so it is difficult to travel and to ensure safety for the students, to avoid unfortunate circumstances, the school must leave their case for 2 holidays.

Representative of the Two Mot City Tuition Department, too, due to complex traffic, the highest goal is to ensure that children have safety, and teaching is stopped; compensating for next week.

17 school students give two-day absences from Fèis January-February

The highest goal is to ensure that students have safety, so 17 schools have been scrapped to students.

Every year, Thien Hau Pagoda will be holding a palanquin process on a day full moon in January in a lunchtime calendar. It is considered that this is the largest festival in Binh Duong, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to emigration. The main aim of the Vía Bà Fair Festival, is held midnight from 14 to 15 January.

This year, the organizers put two free Wi-Fi bus routes for visitors to Binh Duong to go to the service. In addition, many individuals and groups also participate in free food and free water supply at the festival area.

The authorities recommend that people do not; shoot a gold ball in the temple field when they go to service. From 12 to 15 January (lunchtime calendar), the voting fire tower stopped at Teampall Ba. Instead, the organizers will give 6 crowded stickers and funny trees to visitors to visit the temple.

17 school students receive two-day two-day absences from the January-March Festival

The work to ensure security and order is also co-ordinated by Tu Dau Mot City Police with Binh Duong District Police to ensure that they are safe.

Colonel Vo Van Minh, Head of Tu Dau Mot City Police, said co-ordination of security and order was organized by Tu Dau Mot City Police to ensure that there was sufficient safety. Do not let visitors be stolen, steal, steal, and ensure a traffic and safety order throughout the festival.

Initial statistics from the Binh Duong Steering Committee, although its main service was held on 17 February (full moon in January), the number of visitors who have been in attendance. coming to Ba Thien's church today has reached over 10,000 people.

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