$ 3,400 billion to improve the railway … to lose the Society's lost safety

Out of 3,400 billion, the speed train is faster

The Ministry of Transport & Directorate has just completed a review of the & # 39; project to renovate and renew Yen Vien – Lao Cai railway line with the Railway Management Unit as a representative of the museum. This project, from February 2005 to September 2014, was awarded to the Vietnam Railway Railway Company (VNR) as the investor, representing the seniorist, the railway project manager (more competition later, to become the Board of Directors under the Ministry of Transport and Transportation).

The total investment in the first phase of the project after the change is at 3.479 billion, whose average budget is about 345 billion, with a loan capital of around 150 million. The project is completed and implemented and used by 2015.

Although large projects, up to more than 3,400 billion, but from the provision plan have made mistakes. In particular, in the appeal plan, the appeal plan will be prepared, submitted, assessed and approved when a legal basis is not available.

Despite this, the Vietnam Railway Company took into account the consideration of the Building Management Department and the quality of traffic work and advised the Ministry of Justice; Transport to approve the change to the application plan for its & # 39; rail transport package. RT Package). This level error causes the project to complete much more waste, rubbish as more than 5,800 tons of P50 railings, 4,800 sets of doses … the value of the disease, the value that is not on uselessly worth its & # 39; About 60 billion VND, and must be under review of the time of the survey (8-2017) over 7 billion VND.

The application bids are also subject to errors; Creating, evaluating and approving applications for applications when construction cost estimates are still not agreed.

Just refer to, it's & # 39; This project targeted over 3,400 billion increase the level of the train to shorten the running time, especially the passenger train about 70 minutes. However, the search results show that the errors in the survey are making it difficult for the project to be done; Achieving its aim to reduce the running time.

Raise money to … unsafe

A number of mistakes have also been identified by the inspectors, as in the CP1 package, the technical design file and design design were designed with the highest level of rail railings in a flat position Km47 + 274 17cm more higher than its first unreasonable situation, causing problems and unsafe for vehicles through the road cross, and # 39; affecting the safety of the train.

This has resulted in the maintenance of a crossroads; including the increase of the approved railways, enhancing the value of its package near 1.1 billion. The CP3 package created over 2 billion VND, the CP5 package created 141 million VND due to design problems.

The most spectacular thing in the Ministry & Transport inquiry decision on the project is that the preparation, evaluation and approval of estimates in each application pack are correctly counted. Each pack of billions of dong is worth, such as the CP1 package of almost 24 billion, and the accountable value is not more than 9 billion; The CP2 application pack raised a VND 100 billion, and the estimated value was not managed to almost 29 billion VND; The CP3 application package increased over the agreed value of almost 51 billion, and the estimated value is not greater than VND 37 billion.

This responsibility is the Inspector General who belongs to the consulting firm and consultant design advisers and the Vietnam Rail line.

Regular application, without quality control

At a charter level, after the contract was granted, the contractor signed his name to the & # 39; contract for subcontractors to carry out their workload, the VNR agreement and the Board of Directors of the list of houses. This subconnection does not evaluate ability or knowledge.

It is clear that the list of subcontractors agreed with the investor to only carry out their operating responsibility including a small part, about 10-30% of its value & # 39; package. The rest of the Ministry of Ministry of Transport decided to; Transport: "For the remaining numbers, the Railway Board of Directors has quiet management, so that the main contractor is a non-reporting contractor without a statement to the investor, a private Audit."

As a result, the Management Board is released by the applicant, who likes the difference. The quality of control is not in most cases; work of the project.

For a RP package – a solar record is given, 7 teams are the biggest player in the factory's survey, with the number of contracts in 5 and only 3 teams report the test results. Some non-departmental people with Le Huy Du, Convener and Director of General Total Company – Change and Trading Partnership Limited; Mr Nguyen Hoang Luat – Principal Scientist, Infrastructure and Urban Department – Planning and Investment Ministry.

Pay-making is also marked with many mistakes. In particular, the RT package was inspected by the PMB to pay the total export value of 47.6 billion dong to the exporter and importers. However, the correct payment of documents is not due …

With these mistakes, the Ministry asked his & her; Minister of Transport of the Rail Management Unit reviewed and reviewed the estimate and approval of unacceptable estimates of more than 75 billion VND; The evaluation with the estimated estimated value is not over 101 billion … NIn addition to financial handling, Ministry of Ministry recommended its " Transport also stated that the Vietnam Railways Company and the Railway Management Unit would review the assemblies and individuals for the shortcomings mentioned above.

According to the security of its capital

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