& # 39; Drama & # 39; before G?

The game is up to at least 7,400 billion

The State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) sells 254.9 million shares of the Vibaby Construction and Export-Export (SCIC) Joint Stock Company on November 22 at the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX). (Vinaconex – stock code: VCG), equals to 57.71% of capital. With a starting price of VND21,300 / share, the minimum of this is expected to be VND5,430 billion.

Also on November 22, the Viettel Group will pump a large number of 94,010,175 shares, which equals VND940 billion in value value, and # 39; Describing 21, Vinaconex 28% employment capital with a starting price of VND2,002,416,727,500 / lot, equivalent to VND 21,300 / share. So, the total size of the SCIC and Viettel repository in Vinaconex on 23/11 at least 7,400 billion and participating in the VCG auction, play?

In 2018, Vinaconex aims to increase 9.3% of the total revenue over the previous year. So, it is expected that Vinaconex's total income will be 19,440.7 billion dollars and profits after a tax of 1,335.8 billion dollars. In relation to the parent company, by 2017, there is a profit from a & # 39; Established the Vinaconex Water Water Component Stock Company (Viwasupco) of VND760 billion. So only if the purest data is comparable, the plan for 2018 is low. 2017 results.

Vinaconex division divisions: Drames before G? - Picture 1.

It is expected that, if VICD and Viettel sell their capital at Vinaconex successfully, the VND7,400 billion bill will collect at least

Who is playing?

According to HNX information, to date, 4 major investors have been registered for each section of SCIC to be purchased for sale, including: Star Investment Investment Co., Thang Long TJC Investment Corporation, An Quy Hung Co., Ltd and 1 person, Mr Nguyen Van Dong. According to auction rules, investors who want to participate must invest 10%, equivalent to 543 billion.

Which of the four investments buy VCG this time? Nguyen Van Dong is the first one. According to the proposal for the purchase of large shares in the auction, Mr Dong was born in 1980 in Thua Thien Hue. Mr Dong recorded all purchases of SCIC sales with a minimum value of VND5,430 billion for long-term investment purposes. The fact is that a person who has never had a name in the financial market is a Try to make a huge amount of money that makes a huge contribution to owners and "see" what the public is doing; there?

The next thing, the investors of Star Invest Investment Company Limited. This new company was just based on 9/11 with the recording work on real buildings, housing acquisition. This company has a allowed capital of 200 billion dollars. His leader, Dang Anh Duc, was born in 1985 and is a legal representative of his / her; company. Star Invest said that he has set up enough financial resources for his / her. plan to take part in Vinaconex extracts to ensure that they participate in a auction and a & # 39; paying the benefits at the right time.

The third investor of the Thang Long Infrastructure Investment Division Share Stock Company (TJC) was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 250 billion VND. The three companies, Nguyen Duy Dung and Tran Duc Tho, are 45% and Nguyen Viet Hung has 10%.

Recorders were to register; A fourth group of departments that SCIC wants to sell as An Quy Hung Co., Ltd. (Chuong My, Hanoi) with a registered 360 billion dollar capital, most of which work in the field of project construction business. civil, transport, irrigation … The company has two companies, Mr Nguyen Xuan Dong 70%, Do Thi Thanh 30%. Out of the four deployers, An Quy Hung was the most important investor due to the employing capital near a billion billion billions of profit over 64 billion last year.

With 1 section of the VCG division sold by Viettel on the same day, the capital grant is more than 940 billion dollars (in value), which accounts for 21.28% with a & # 39; starting price equivalent to 21,300 dong / division now. Two registered companies to buy: Thang Long Housing and the Urban Development Divisional Stock Company and the Cuong Vu Ltd Limited Real Estate Company is scheduled for purchase.

Thang Long Shared Stock Co. and Urban Development Company was established in early 2010 by Mr Trinh Can Chinh as Director and legal representative. Mr Trinh Can Chinh is the famous and famous city of Trinh Van Ch.

Cuong Vu Company was founded in late 2017 with its registered capital of VND20 billion only. There is information that this activity will be & # 39; represents real real estate VCG.

What's in a VCG?

What's in a delicious Vinaconex? How the information is Beginners Previously, Vinaconex had been able to have 3.2 million square meters of land domain.2 The land includes 131,786 m2 delivered in 9 jobs and 3 million m2 Land leasing is invested in 7 other projects. Vinaconex land assets have been distributed in many places but mostly in Hanoi.

Vinaconex also implements two projects to reset the old opening at 93 – 97 – 99 Lang Ha with a total investment of over 1,550 billion. At the same time, its company has a & # 39; Awarding a 33-storey room building at 25 Nguyen Huy Tuong (637.5 billion deposit) and Vinata Towers (618.7 billion investment). In addition, Vinaconex has 24,000 million domains2 Currently Li Thai to Primary (Hanoi), 8,500m2 in Soc Soc (Hanoi), 33,000m2 gas station land pumping gasoline …

The State of the United States has recently informed Vinaconex of its foreign possession. Therefore, the highest foreign possession in Vinaconex is by law. Therefore, with the foreigner level of 0%, foreign investors can not buy shares in the two major halts that come to Vinaconex. Last week, foreign and VCG salesmen were on the ground.

Vinaconex is a & # 39; The first company owned by the state was to be fair in 2006. Vinaconex has recorded its shares on HNX in 2008. With its first registered capital of VND1,499.8 billion in 2006, Currently, PVFCCo has a listed capital VND4,417.1 billion, with three main shareholders including SCIC, which account for 57.71% of the capital, Viettel and PYE Elite (Neo-Ucits) have 21.28%. owned by 7.54%. Closing the trading session on November 15, b & # 39; VCG is 17,200 dong per share, much lower than the price of 21,300 dong per division in the auction.

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