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4 staff in Hanoi who complain at work? | Lao Dong Air Online LAODONG.VN

The cadres in the silver skipper are distributed to the social network working at the Hai Ba Trung Development and Housing Development Company, a member of the Hanoi Deanery Development and Housing Management Company member.

On November 28th, Cao Duc Dai, Deputy General Director of Housing Development and Limited Finance Company, demonstrated the video clip with 4 staff participating in the game.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors of the company has received a report from Hai Ba Trung Management House and a Development Company, Board of Control for the event with 4 officers; playing cards at the agency. In group 4, there are directors, managers in a party, government, party members.

Throughout the report, the management board did not agree to the operation of the campaign's Disciplinary Panel. The level of treatment is not satisfactory with four players who have different roles but have the same level of control. The company has given written guidance to the initiative to review the event and the type of control.

The Deputy Director of the company, the Committee's Committee Committee also said to the Committee of the Audit Parties Committee to work with the enterprise department. Herbs should establish their handling in accordance with the Party rules. On November 30, the Audit Committee will report on the results of proofing. After that, the Council of Corporate Control, a & Party, to explore the subject in the spirit of proper, correct and wrong-handled people.

"The spirit of the company is to tackle serious crime. There will be adequate control with the secretary of the Party's cells, the cadre and the party members involved in the event. Testing and handling results with charter provisions, laws and regulations. This product will be published publicly by news agencies, "said Dai.

The President of the Housing and Management Management Group of Hanoi Limited, Chairman of the Nguyen Duc Chung People Committee, has asked the Home Affairs, Home and Home Affairs Department. company to verify and report on the results. purpose.

Previously, the facts about video clips with four "penalties" are in the form of a gameplay. The sum is up to hundreds of thousands of dong.

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