5,000 vessels of goods lasted more than 90 days at a port Cat Lai Finance – Business

Recently updated data from Customs Section Gon Port Border in Zone 1 shows that there are nearly 4,800 boxes over 90 days at the Cat Lai port. In particular, over 2,500 vessels were shipped out from customs and shipping operations, alerted property owners from July. According to this unit, to date, owners have around 600 owners in place to carry out the procedures, with almost 2,000 unseen informants, a response from the owner.

Mr Nguyen Huu Nghiep, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh Customs Division, said that most of these materials usually contain products from the previous year. Sailors, shipping companies … after exports and the "scrap" management bodies, have "ceased to run for people". In particular, many of the businesses registered earlier to import these products have disappeared from their business registration address.

These 2,000 vessels of unwanted and unprofitable waste are still in operation and negotiated with specific inspection units. Almost half of this was moved to the Hipppock port to clear the land which is always too large for Cat Lai.

Mr Chip said the process of getting rid of finished products is still very slow. very slow. On top of that, there are many large organizations, although initiatives have been approved, environmental protection will be allowed to include cookies, but the research body must retain it as they are involved in monitoring anduse. open the bin. confirmation but businesses don't receive products …

So far, only about 400 waste containers have been completed on the opening, classification, rationalization … at HCMC ports.

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